Online translated lessons for Ukrainian refugee children

Online tuition will be made available to 100,000 refugee students in the UK’s ‘life and safety’ transition, Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi has announced.

Speaking at the Association of School and College Leaders annual conference in Birmingham on Friday, he said: “We will continue to support Ukrainians in any way we can.

“I know schools are doing everything they can to help their students understand what they are seeing.”

“And we are working with schools to ensure that the tens of thousands of Ukrainian children we will welcome to our shores will have a place in our education system.

“To support the schools’ efforts, I am pleased to announce that Oak National Academy today introduced an automatic translation feature for all 10,000 of their online lessons.

This will allow Ukrainian children arriving in the UK access to education in their mother tongue as they transition to life and safety in the UK

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi

“This will allow Ukrainian children arriving in the UK access to education in their mother tongue as they transition into life and safety in the UK.”

Lessons will be available translated into Ukrainian or Russian as some refugee students will speak Russian as their first language.

On Wednesday, Mr Zahawi said: “What you are seeing now is an increase in our ability to accommodate more Ukrainians.

“I can tell you that I have a team in my own education department that is already making plans for a capacity of 100,000 children that we will enroll in our schools.

“The family reunification route will consist of a few hundred thousand people and then the humanitarian route that Michael Gove will outline over the next few days will be unlimited.”

The online classroom has developed new features that guide students through automatically translated versions of their lessons.

Students can access quizzes, video lessons with translated subtitles, and worksheets.

The translation feature builds on previous work translating the online lessons into common languages ​​other than English spoken in UK schools such as B. Urdu and Polish.

Oak National said, “The prototype was brought forward after the invasion of Ukraine, which has led to widespread school closures and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of children across the country and to neighboring countries.”

Britain will soon take in up to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees, a large number of whom are expected to be school-age children, Oak National said.

Matt Hood, Principal of Oak National Academy, said: “It is tragic that the lives of so many children have been devastated by this horrific invasion.

“The work we’ve done to make Oaks’s classes available in Ukrainian is a tiny contribution to this crisis and pales in comparison to the international efforts needed to keep families safe from violence.” flee.

“We hope that for Ukrainian children who are about to arrive in the UK it will be a tool that can help them get back into some sort of routine once they are safe.”

He added that the automated translation means the teaching is not “perfect” and is not an attempt to align with Ukraine’s curriculum or replace Ukraine’s own work on distance learning.

“Oak has been investigating whether our teaching can be translated into the common languages ​​spoken by students in English schools for whom English is not their first language, but given the tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine, that’s how we have this work driven forward as quickly as possible.”

Nadhim Zahawi told the conference that the Ukrainian flag flies over the Ministry of Education because it “stands shoulder to shoulder with all Ukrainians against the barbaric, criminal invasion of their sovereign democratic country.”

He added it was “nearly impossible to imagine the horror of what they are going through.”

“I came here, many of you will know that at the age of 11 I wasn’t able to string a sentence of English together… even the thought of going to school was really scary,” he added.

“And if my teacher…hadn’t reminded me to put some of that creative, disruptive energy into something good, I certainly wouldn’t be here today,” he said, thanking members for their work during the pandemic.

“Oak National Academy was certainly one of our greatest achievements,” he told the conference.

“Created by teachers for teachers, it brilliantly demonstrates what the profession was capable of in its hour of need.

“Over 500 teachers from over 50 schools, school foundations and partners are working together to deliver over 140 million hours of instruction during the pandemic.”

Mr Zahawi confirmed that he had set an “ambitious target” that 90% of students leaving primary school would reach expected standards in literacy and numeracy, adding that the forthcoming white paper outlined a plan to secure this “attainable vision”.

He said: “The evidence shows that a family of schools that are tightly run and well supported produce the right outcomes for their students and provide these important opportunities for their staff.”

School families gave leaders more opportunities for career advancement, he said, and they could work with schools to share resources and reduce their workload and freedom “because leaders spend less time managing facilities , and spend more time making sure students are learning and teachers are teaching,” he said.

More about this would be revealed in the white paper, he added, although he said the schools’ families had to be strong because “some trusts aren’t strong”.

The paper will set out how he will deal with this challenge, he said.

He added that 500,000 teacher training opportunities would be provided so that “every teacher, in every corner of our country, can benefit from this evidence-based professional development at every stage of their career.”

Mr. Zahawi said over 25,000 teachers and nearly 23,000 academic mentors participated in the flagship Early Careers Framework Program this year.

He reaffirmed his commitment to a £3,000 alignment bonus for math, physics and chemistry teachers.

From autumn there will be a new professional literacy for teachers.

“As teaching is an increasingly global profession, I want to attract the very best teachers from around the world, so we will also be introducing a new relocation bonus,” he said, adding that this would help international teachers apply for work visas in the United Kingdom.

Mr Zahawi said it was “important to take a step back and see what we’ve achieved with the National Tutoring Programme,” announcing that new data released on Friday showed that over a million have been since the program began last year tutoring courses were carried out.

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