Agrim Seeks To Emerge As Your Digital Consulting And Cyber Security Partner Of Choice With World-Class Services

Companies of all sizes and levels of maturity are already going through or evaluating the digital transformation. Digital transformation is no longer optional and brings immense opportunities if done right. While it is important to achieve their goals in innovation and digital transformation, it is also important for organizations to be aware of the associated risks from a strategy and implementation perspective and cyber security risks. While large organizations are way ahead and have access to resources, many small and medium-sized businesses sometimes struggle to find the right way.

Agrim, a cybersecurity and digital marketing consultancy, helps midsize companies to ensure seamless digital transformation through efficient risk mitigation and strives to leave a footprint in the global digital cloud and cybersecurity landscape by providing the capabilities that are required to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive in the digital age.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Agrim recognized that the pandemic would become the biggest disruptive force in modern business. However, there was a huge digital divide, and midsize businesses could not avail superior digital consulting or cybersecurity services because those services were either too expensive or the service providers didn’t work with midsize businesses. To identify this gap, Amarjit, Amit, and Abhishek spent hours brainstorming and brainstorming to develop a profitable business plan. Nine months and thousands of cups of coffee later, they were all ready to launch digital cloud and cybersecurity services company Agrim for midsize businesses.

Agrim is a team of highly talented individuals who share extensive experience working in this space. Its executives come from industry-leading global organizations and have exceptional market knowledge and subject matter expertise. Well versed in modern technologies and latest industry trends, they constantly take steps to identify the issues faced by mid-sized companies in terms of digital transformation and cybersecurity by further developing their products and services to meet the needs of the market better to use.

“The pandemic has brought many digital disruptions, but its impact has been uneven and most small and medium-sized businesses have been struggling significantly harder. Agrim saw an opportunity to help the segment navigate this transformation” – Abhishek Ramavat, co-founder of Agrim

As a young and agile digital cloud and cybersecurity company, Agrim sticks to the mindset of working in a partnership model with companies and going beyond the traditional customer-provider approach. Agrim prioritizes building relationships with its customers by being agile and flexible in responding to customer needs. This customer focus is the strongest competitive advantage Agrim has over its competitors in the market. Despite being a young company, it also has the advantage of bringing together a cumulative experience of over 100 years, which undoubtedly sets it apart from any other digital cloud and security company in the industry. This benefit is appreciated by its customers and has resulted in significant business growth over the past year.

“We started with the premise that small and medium-sized businesses not only need technical know-how, but also a partner who understands their individual needs and is highly flexible as they adapt to this change. We have been properly cared for and have experienced significant growth over time over the last year.” – Amarjit Marjara, Co-Founder, Agrim.

2022 is an interesting and pivotal year for Agrim as they focus on three pillars of growth — improving products and services, geographic expansion, and increasing the workforce.

Agrim focuses on service expansion in the areas – brand safety, cloud transformation as a service, CRM platform for the SMB segment and automation. In addition, Agrim is also looking at the use cases of Vision AI as part of its growth strategy. It works with international alliances to leverage their technology and introduce these services to the Nordic and European markets.

Geographically, Agrim is strengthening its presence in the Nordics by opening a new office in Norway and plans to start operations in Sweden and Denmark very soon. At the same time, it has also won customers in South Asia and will expand to these regions as well. It is also expanding its Indian operations and plans to double its strength in India by the end of 2022, which could essentially result in an additional hiring of more than 45 employees by the end of this year.

As the digital transformation industry is booming, it is witnessing an explosion in the number of people who want to enter this industry. However, many newcomers feel lost in the maze of uncertainty that the evolving nature of this industry brings with it opportunities. Agrim is not only emerging as a partner of choice for mid-sized companies, it is also a great place to work for individuals as it gives them the opportunity to work on the front lines with global customers and to present themselves worldwide. Employees are encouraged to foster a global mindset and present themselves internationally. Agrim is also investing aggressively in new product development initiatives with a focus on cloud security governance, brand protection and cloud migration. Employees gain hands-on experience in all of these initiatives and are encouraged to think differently and do things differently, with the sole aim of creating value for customers.

“Competence is the new oil for companies navigating the maze of digital transformation. With exploding digital adoption, the available technology landscape is also exploding. Businesses can’t invest in everyone. This is where partners like us come in and provide a pool of ready-to-use experts. To this end, we are doubling our investments in India and will hire 45 digital experts across different technologies over the next 12 months.” – Amit Garg, Co-Founder of Agrim.

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