Snowflake launches healthcare SaaS, data marketplace and consulting services

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Snowflake has launched a cloud-based data-sharing platform for the healthcare industry that integrates the company’s core data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence offerings with a data marketplace and on-demand consulting services.

The Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud platform was developed in response to the growing burden on the healthcare sector worldwide from the coronavirus pandemic. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering is a fusion of Snowflake’s core applications and third-party services.

As part of the new cloud service, Snowflake offers machine learning and other applications from technology partners including Alation, Dataiku, Amazon Web Services (AWS),, ThoughtSpot, Health Catalyst, Strata and IQVIA.

The integration between the software and other components of the platform aims to reduce the time it takes healthcare companies to implement applications and bring new services to market.

According to Todd Crosslin, head of Health and Life Sciences at Snowflake, the applications help companies access big data at scale for critical processes and business insights within their organization and in collaboration with industry partners.

Health platform offers data marketplace

For its data market, Snowflake has attracted companies such as Compile, Equifax, Invaitae, IQVIA, Precision X and SameSky Health. The marketplace was designed to allow businesses to securely share critical data sets, eliminating the need for traditional data sharing methods that require data copying and moving.

“For example, IQVIA aggregates data from around the world and then markets and sells that data to global pharmaceutical companies,” Crosslin said.

“But now they have made the same data available through the Snowflake Data Marketplace as 20 out of 30 leading global pharmaceutical companies are on Snowflake. These pharmaceutical companies can now access this live data from IQVIA via Marketplace instead of copying it.”

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