Cameo, chapter of Assistance League of Long Beach, hosts annual fundraiser – Press Telegram

For the first time in several years, Cameo, a chapter of the Assistance League of Long Beach, held its traditional fashion show luncheon fundraiser.

The excitement and energy of the 400 attendees at the Westin Hotel ran high throughout the afternoon of March 12th. The day included a vigorous silent auction (300 items) and a live auction conducted by the dynamic Allan Rahn. Allan not only raises a lot of money, but also enjoys selling a worthless object for many dollars. This year he sold a pair of disposable masks for $100.

The award-winning Couture Fashion Productions presented the collections of the three designers Dalia MacPhee, Rhonda Priestly and Monique DuRock. The event included an exciting and energetic performance by the Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre.

“Coursing the course together” was the theme, a reminder of the great heights students can reach when they have strong support.

“The theme celebrates how our hard-working organization and community work together to provide a wonderful mentoring program,” said Cameo Chair Maria Harris, “that helps our students grow into successful college students and members of our community. “

Moving forward, the cosmic theme was cleverly presented in the auction items display; and in the centerpieces silver moons and stars sparkling blue.

Mentoring Chair Margaret Warren introduced the current 25 students.

“By building confidence and helping students gain the experiences they need to get into college,” she said, “Cameo helps chart the course for our students’ successful futures.”

When the young mentors were introduced, they each held cosmic signs such as “Houston, we have a problem,” “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” and “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit.” , if there are footprints on the moon.”

The program started with the presentation of Janis Krantz as Business Partner of the Year. In addition to Cameo, Jan has generously supported numerous local charities with jewelry donations from her company, J&L Jewelry. Jan shared her recent traumatic health issues and her belief in overcoming them. She was supported and honored by her entire staff, her children, and many members of the philanthropists she supported.

Her staff and family table included Marilyn Brandt, Jackie Stanfield, Lauren Gregory, Josh Krantz, Lawrence Jaime, Nancy Bower, Terri Thompson, Gloria O’Connor, Terry Gill, Melissa Hughes, Maddie Hibler and Molly Mahoney.

Other notable supporters included Stephanie Davis, Carolyn Powers, Lynn Gesner, Penny Wilds, Kathy Lingle, Loree Scarborough, Elaine Goodnoe, Denise Dahlhausen, Gloria Deukmejian, Myrna Wigod, Mari Hooper, Ellen Pook, and Nancy Koblenski.

Event sponsors were:

  • Gold: Friends and family of Rosi Pedersen (former founding member of Cameo).
  • Silver: Cordoba Corporation, Farmers and Merchants Bank and the Cherese Mari Laulhere Foundation.

Seen at the crime scene: Mara Figueroa was a public speaker. Cameo by Chairs Daphne Ching-Jackson (who was a founding member and dated Consuelo Hallax, her cameo student eight years ago), Lorie Merrill, Barbara Grubb, Virginia Baxter, Susan Bell, Diane De Walshe, Barbara Butler, Linda Rahn , Kathy Grubb, Janis Klineberg. ALLB President Shelly Barbre, ALLB President-elect Charlotte Hart, ALLB Chief Executive Annette Kashiwabara, Naomi Blackmore, Chris Jurenka, Diane Fagan, Jennifer Jeffries, Pat Appleby, Mary Alice McLoughlin, Sherri Hom, Sharon Chavez, JoAnn McDonald, Jane Jackson, Joyce Krauss, Holly Reinhard, Carol Thorburn, Cynthia Terry, Janet Molina Watt, Megan Kerr, Felton Williams, Executive Rex Richardson, Sunny Zia, Gail Bradley, Cheri Bazley, Dr. Carol Grabowski, Shell Grossman, Sharon Westafer, Faye Alparin, Christine Hill, Theresa Landers, Robyn Gordon Peterson, Laurie Shaw and Daughter Ashley Rhoads, Kenny Nunez, Leila Lee, Angel Cervantes Quinonez, Susana Witzling.

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