How to Prepare for BCG Interview Process, and Top Traits to Show Off

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  • The Boston Consulting Group seeks candidates who are curious, humble and result-oriented.
  • Interviewers look for candidates to do some research about the company’s work before the interview.
  • One way to show interest in BCG is to talk about how it affects AI and climate change.

Of the roughly one million applications the Boston Consulting Group receives annually from around the world, about 99% are rejected, said Amber Grewal, BCG’s chief recruiting and talent officer.

However, the remaining 1% correspond 10,000 new hires per yearand Grewal says hiring criteria are constantly changing.

“We’re really evolving globally to look at all types of talent pools to meet the growing needs of our business and the success we’re seeing,” said Grewal, who is also a Managing Director and Partner at BCG.

Along with McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company, BCG is one of the renowned “Big Three” management consulting firms. The company has 22,000 employees in over 50 countries and regions. management consulting Data for 2022 stated that MBA and Ph.D. Graduates who landed a job at BCG could earn up to $218,750 per year and receive a signing bonus of up to $30,000.

In recent years, Grewal says, BCG has started to focus more on “breakthrough, high-tech work” in AI and digital, and the company has done it recognized by Forrester as one of the leading minds in digital transformation.

“We see that not only in our work, but also in the talent that we hire,” said Grewal, who spoke to Insider about the qualities her team looks for in candidates. “We’re looking for BCGers who can really integrate into our culture and people who want to make that big social impact and really want to help find solutions for the world.”

Show your curiosity about BCG and its work

In the recruitment process, Grewal said the company is looking for “talented, humble, impact-oriented” employees who share BCG’s purpose and values.

For candidates in management consulting, the interview process is standardized worldwide. Interviewers look at a candidate’s experience and skills and use AI and digital technology when reviewing applications to match candidates to roles based on their interests and preferred locations.

Headshot by Amber Growal BCG

Amber Grewal, Chief Recruiting and Talent Officer at BCG.

Amber Grewal and BCG

Grewal said that in the pre-screening interview, interviewers want to understand how a candidate is demonstrating their leadership and navigation.

After preselection, candidates go through a case interview, which involves “seeing how they think,” Grewal said. Candidates receive a real business case from BCG to see how they would run the case.

“It’s not really about what the right or wrong answer is,” Grewal said. “We’d like to see how people think about it.”

Interviewers want to see how candidates come up with their solution to case study questions and what they consider or don’t consider during the process.

The Q&A portion of the interview between candidates and interviewers is also important, as interviewers want to ensure candidates have an opportunity to ask questions, Grewal said.

“While the interview is an opportunity for us to get to know the candidate, it’s actually also an opportunity for them to learn more about BCG,” Grewal said. She added that BCG looks for a candidate’s curiosity and whether they have researched BCG before the interview to learn about the company.

One way to show interest in BCG, according to Grewal, is to ask about the company’s work on sustainability, AI, and social impact. Also, research the company’s directors and partners and ask questions about their growth and success at BCG.

“Look at what we’ve done in both the private and public sectors, pick and choose and say, ‘I want to know more about this,'” Grewal said. “I think that shows interest.”

Show that you are results-oriented

Grewal said BCG wants diverse perspectives from its candidates and is looking for people who have demonstrated The core values ​​of BCGsuch as B. Integrity and Social Impact.

“I would always tell people going through the interview to always be their authentic selves,” Grewal said.

Interviewers also look for candidates who have a growth mentality, who believe skills and abilities can be improved over time, Grewal said.

Based on a candidate’s questions and their performance during the interview, interviewers assess whether they are willing to learn and develop and whether the candidate can accept challenges and overcome difficulties, she added.

“We like to see people who are very result-oriented,” said Grewal. “How would you come up with these solutions for customers? Curiosity is really big for us, so we look for problem solving as a key area.”

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