The Canary is launching round two of our Amplify mentoring programme

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How often do you watch or read the news and think “What a crap”; ‘it’s not like that’ or ‘why aren’t you telling the truth?’ at The Canary, we know how you feel For this reason we started a new project called Amplify.

fight against the system

We’ve spent the last six years fighting the system to try to make the world work for everyone – not just politicians and their cronies. We were arrested for our activism, had the government refuse to talk to us and we superior we’re on a ‘list’ at the Met. Says the government some of our journalists are “domestic extremists”. We’ve pissed off the establishment, and that’s a good thing – right?

We are fortunate to be able to do this. Because the majority of people who work at The Canary come from poorer backgrounds. Some of us grew up or live on council estates. We were on benefits. Some of us were addicts. Others are sick and disabled. Many of us come from minority groups. Most of us don’t have a degree in journalism.

But we’re not the norm in the media.

Check the privilege

75% of all British journalists Come from middle and upper class families. 92% of them are white. Almost all have a degree. Small wonder, then, that the rest of us feel the media doesn’t really speak for us – in part because only 8% of journalists come from the poorest backgrounds. It’s a similar problem for young journalists, with 67% of media roles go to those over 25 – compared to 57% in all other occupations.

So if you want to get into journalism, you need to have some background – or be able to do an internship where you work for a billionaire for free.

That’s not fair. and The Canary wants to change things.

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time to step up

So we launched Amplify: a training and mentoring program in media and journalism. The first round ran from January to March 2022 with 13 working-class youth aged 16 to 25. They all completed the program on March 13, 2022. We are now starting to publish her work, which you can find here.

Now we’re recruiting for round two. It runs from April to June 2022. And this time it is not only open to young, working people aged 16 to 25, but specifically to chronically ill and disabled people who are not employed. We really want to encourage people with disabilities to apply to work with us.

You will connect with one of our journalists who will be your mentor for the next few months. They take part in Zoom workshops on article writing and filmmaking. Then, with the support of your mentor, work out a work that is The Canary publish – and of course pay.

You could write an article like Eleanor Crilly, a first-round participant in Amplify, did:

Dying to be treated, part one: Eating disorder services cannot save lives

Or maybe you want to make a film – like this one, where I met legendary film director Ken Loach:

It’s up to you. The Canary will support you in your decision. It supports you during the production of your work and also after publication.

you are you

If you are interested, the first and most important thing is that you are yourself. The Canary does not exist to tell you what to talk about or how to talk about it. We want you to produce about things that matter to you: racism, police violence, social welfare, poverty, the climate crisis – anything you are passionate about or that affects you.

Second, it’s not about making you a certain type of journalist. This is about giving you the skills to find your own voice and style. We’ll teach you the basics: story selection, article or film construction, making your work accessible to all, and also how a 21st century works Editing works. All your work must of course stay inside canary values ​​and style requirements.

But it’s really about helping you explore who you could be if you wanted to make a living from the media.

A New World Order

Third, Amplify is about creating new, better journalists. Established corporate media do not work on our behalf; it only cares about the rich and powerful. That’s why we all need voices like yours to be amplified. Your views, your stories, and your experiences are just as important as everyone else’s. They deserve and need to be heard. That’s what Amplify is about, and that’s what it’s all about The Canary supports you.

Would you like to know more? Call me. You can email me at steve.tople(at) or tag me on social media – it’s @MrTopple. But you have to be quick: the application deadline is Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. You can fill out the form here:

Amplify Project Application Form

I will let all applicants know if they were successful or not by the end of Thursday 31st March – ready for the launch event on Sunday 10th April.

Check out the overview of the project below:

Amplify: We are now recruiting for the second round

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