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ATLANTA, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Red Clay Consulting, a Gold Level member of the Oracle Partner Network and a premier implementer of Oracle solutions, today announces a partnership with Accelerated Innovations, the leading consumer engagement portal provider for utilities across Europe North Americato provide an integrated end-to-end customer experience solution for utilities.

Accelerated Innovations is a software solutions company focused on empowering utility companies to accelerate the transition to fully digital customer service. Accelerated Innovations offers a SaaS software platform, MyMeter®, that provides digital customer engagement capabilities for utilities – so customers can see exactly how their water and energy spend is being spent. MyMeter® enables people and businesses to make informed decisions that not only have a positive impact on their wallets, but also on the environment itself.

For more than 20 years, Red Clay Consulting has been at the forefront of technology innovation as a solution implementer (SI) to drive the transformation of digital utilities. Red Clay Committed to its customers’ digital strategy and customer experience requirements, focused on increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and delivering fully automated customer service channels across the utility.

Red Clay and Accelerated Innovations are collaborating to deliver a fully integrated, pre-packaged customer experience solution that enables the seamless flow of utility data. The two organizations have successfully integrated MyMeter® with the customer information system platform Oracle Customer to Meter (C2M) and Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (CCS).

“Utilities with MyMeter have a customer base that is more concerned with the factors affecting their energy and water usage, are more likely to utilize self-service and digital channels, and are more likely to be aware of all utility programs and offerings that are best suited to meet their needs said Josh Headlee, CEO of Accelerated Innovations. “Red Clays The expertise of the utility industry will be an invaluable resource as we work together to bring a fully integrated platform to more utility customers.”

MyMeter is a complete digital customer service solution with instantly configurable modules for consumer program registration, messages and notifications, bill payment, efficiency benchmarking and much more. Red Clay and accelerated innovation will deliver a solution that creates informed and engaged customers, provides analytics that convert meter data into actionable customer insights, and provides billing flexibility.

“Accelerated Innovations is a crucial partner for Red Clayenabling our utility customers to improve and expand every touchpoint with their customers,” said Paul Marell, CEO of Red Clay Consulting. “By investing in Accelerated Innovations’ customer experience technology, our customers have seen higher customer satisfaction, lower support costs and the path to revenue diversification.”

This news comes on the heels of Red Clays acquisition of a customer experience-oriented consulting team – Commitment to the design, deployment and performance of customer experience solutions.

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Exclusively aimed at the utility industry Red Clay advises, delivers and manages technical and business solutions based on the individual needs of its customers. Red Clay works hand-in-hand with Oracle to offer our customers the most comprehensive and flexible software platform in the industry. Red Clays The strong partnership with Oracle Utilities offers our customers innovative and proven solutions. For more information visit

About MyMeter:

MyMeter, a fully hosted software solution, is the consumer interaction portal for 108 electricity, water and gas utilities across Germany North America offers a full suite of self-service capabilities, from rate analysis and comparison to outage and leak notifications and full-service bill payment. MyMeter is a product of Accelerated Innovations, LLC. For more information visit

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