Reimaging the Brand Identity with Futuristic Digital Marketing Services

BrandLoom Consulting: Redesigning Brand Identity with Futuristic Digital Marketing Services

by Analytics Insight
March 22, 2022

BrandLoom Advice is a full-service digital marketing and branding agency specializing in building sustainable and profitable brands. The company’s goal is to ensure clients can resonate with their audiences in an effective and efficient manner to achieve the best ROI.

BrandLoom offers branding services such as brand positioning, brand building, visual design, brand consulting and personal branding services. Besides that, it also offers digital marketing services like web development, SEO for ecommerce development, content marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, link building and app development services.

Spread the wings over geographies

Sustainability is something the whole world needs to deal with. It is a philosophy that can make the world better. The industry has seen many companies collapse because they couldn’t think long-term.

BrandLoom’s vision is to enable brands and startups to reach their audiences cost-effectively and efficiently. Management founded the company with the mission to apply branding, digital/e-commerce and design skills to enable startups and brands to develop world-class skills and abilities and efficiently meet consumer needs.

Since BrandLoom launched in 2016, it’s been an endless adventure of learning new things, taking on new challenges and exploring new territories. The team moved from a studio in Gurgaon to offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Also, the company will make its debut in the US and UK. It started with SEO and has steadily expanded its skillset to work with Indian and international brands ranging from MNCs and conglomerates to startups and growing companies in all kinds of industries.

An insightful leader at the helm of transformation

Avinash Chandra is the founder of BrandLoom Consulting. His responsibility is to act as a guide for the team and ensure that all decisions prioritize customer needs. He commends the team for establishing BrandLoom as India’s top ROI focused agency. According to Avinash, the company is looking forward to its debut in the US and UK to play in a new field.

Specializing in UX/UI designs to promote brand identity

According to Avinash, BrandLoom specializes in creating UX/UI designs that provide visitors with a premium brand experience. He adds that the team works with clients to design color palettes, style guides, and different layouts that help reinforce brand identity while ensuring a great customer experience.

According to Avinash, it helps companies with user research, wireframe creation, integration support, user testing and front-end coding for mobile apps or portals, depending on the needs of the platform of choice.

Catering customers with valuable guidance

BrandLoom helps brands develop distinctive visual identities, design eye-catching and effective marketing materials and communication components, claims Avinash. He adds that as a full-service agency, the company caters to brands across the country, helping them differentiate in the marketplace and keep up with the best in their field.

“Teaching and learning” at the heart of innovation

Avinash believes the team is constantly innovating by self-educating and learning from new developments and trends in the field. What makes BrandLoom unique is that the team applies a unique branding approach to ecommerce to ensure results are delivered to customers as promised.

A wealth of recognition

BrandLoom Consulting has been recognized by various organizations as one of the most promising companies since its inception, reveals Avinash. It has been named one of the most admired companies, the most recommended digital marketing agency and one of the most innovative companies of 2021. The company was also recognized as the Best Digital Marketing Strategist in 2019 and one of the Best UI/UX Solution Providers in 2016.

The sky is the limit

Avinash mentions that BrandLoom aims to become one of the top three marketing agencies in India with a significant presence in the US, UK and Australia. BrandLoom has strengthened its base and is expanding into key overseas markets. The team is confident that they will soon be able to set industry standards.

As for the industry, management believes the time has come for consolidation. He adds that while many agencies have mushroomed over the past decade, the weaker ones have been weeded out and many others have failed with the pandemic. Only companies that are structurally and operationally strong will survive this difficult period and develop as long-term players in this space.

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