Would a fully funded upskilling course transform your working life?

Are you ready to change your career and wondering where to start? Fear not, Dundee offers a range of professional development courses, all designed to help you develop your skills and reinvigorate your working life. And the best thing is, there are also grants. Here’s what you need to know.

The last few years have changed the world of work and our attitude towards work. For example, current statistics from YouGov show that in the UK the majority of workers (56%) would prefer to be able to work from home at least part of the time in the future. This is despite the fact that only 35% worked from home at least part of the time before the pandemic.

If you notice that your desires or requirements for your job have changed, the logical question is: what do I do next?

Learn something new and improve your CV with a professional development course

Build your confidence and improve your resume with continuing education! Funding is available to Scottish residents who meet the eligibility criteria to pursue further education courses in Dundee thanks to the Universities Upskilling Fund.

And the University of Dundee offers a range of short courses ideal for career development, allowing workers in the area to easily take advantage of the funding available.

Mark, a graduate of the University’s English Upskilling course, said: “The tutor was great. Really knowledgeable and engaging. It didn’t really feel like studying – studying was very interesting. It was easy to follow from home as the content was laid out in a sensible and systematic way to guide the students through it. There was more than enough to stimulate even the curious minds.

Get the most out of continuing education courses

If you are unemployed looking for work, at risk of redundancy after the challenges of the past year or currently employed but know you have a skills gap, a subsidized continuing education course in Dundee could help you take the next step in your career.

But it’s not just about developing your resume, and the courses aren’t all strictly business-related. The courses offered by the University of Dundee are also about learning new things and rounding off your specialist knowledge, which promotes motivation and self-confidence.

Sure, you could boost your technical know-how with some basic programming skills. But you could also take the next step to writing that novel you’ve always dreamed of or finally learning a new language.

The University of Dundee’s program of continuing education courses is constantly evolving and is therefore not specific to any one school Keep an eye out for the latest course updates. At the moment it includes:

  • Art and Design: Refresher of Contemporary Curating in Art and Design or Drawing Ecologies.
  • Humanities: from gothic and crime fiction for young adults to history courses, get curious and engage your brain.
  • Languages: Choose from 25 week intensive courses including Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Gaelic and Chinese.
  • Calculation: Embrace the digital revolution and learn the basics of Beginner Python Online and Java Online.
  • health sciences: Continuing education in infection prevention, mental health and professional practice and more. These courses are offered at different levels, from level 7, which corresponds to the first year at university, to level 11, which corresponds to master’s level training.

From initial financing to ongoing support: what you need to know

Online learning and continuing education

The University of Dundee offers flexible study options and a wide range of continuing education courses for all areas of interest. Many of the courses are offered online, which is ideal for adapting learning to work and other commitments at home, with varying start dates throughout the year.

Funding is available for Scottish residents thanks to the Universities Upskilling Fund, developed by the Scottish Funding Council. Whilst there are eligibility criteria, the University of Dundee aims to give as many people as possible from the surrounding communities access to this funding.

And after enrollment, support continues, with the Careers Service on hand to help highly qualified students develop their potential and make the most of the course to advance. Continuing education students can also access the Disability Service.

So ready for the next step? Find out about eligibility and be inspired by browsing the range of offers Continuing education courses at the University of Dundee.

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