The Shop at 19th & Chestnut brings business to Erie’s Little Italy

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Pat and Rachel McCreary have flown under the radar with a project that’s been a decade in the making.

But over the past few years, as they’ve worked to transform the corner of 19th and Chestnut Streets into a welcoming place, their project has become a highlight in Erie’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Where Erie Bronze and Aluminum and then McCreary Roofing once called home, it now is The storea 23,000-square-foot, mixed-use creative building housing several small businesses.

After McCreary Roofing moved to 1404 East Ave. Once moved, owners Pat and Rachel McCreary kept the industrial site in hopes of finding a new purpose for it.

“We didn’t want this place to be a rundown building, we didn’t want it to go to someone who didn’t care,” said Rachel McCreary, 37. “We wanted to show by example that once you get there, you can’t offers high-quality things, also gets good tenants and people who want to make a difference here.”

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