A New Kind of Organizational Consultant

Thanks to the generosity of our Madison Trust donors, Madison Community Consultants (MCC) is a new program consisting of a group of interdisciplinary students who partner with local businesses and nonprofit organizations in need of support. Under the supervision of SPCE Associate Dean, Dr. Nick Swartz, provides MCC students with experiences working with local organizations with an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities. The program is designed with an emphasis on student development that will help students build skills that companies want in new hires.

Students are divided into groups consisting of one graduate student and at least 2-3 undergraduate students. The students listed below will work 3-5 hours per week throughout the Spring semester to help their clients with specific needs. Teams for different clients are decided based on skills and desired areas of growth. Graduate students serve as mentors and in leadership positions within the teams as they all come into contact in both the private and non-profit sectors.

We are excited to introduce our 2022 Madison Community Consultant pilot cohort!

Dancer Heebner

  • senior undergraduate: Major in Psychology, minor in Environmental Sciences/non-profit
  • Commitment on and off campus: Compassion in Action Leader, UREC Mindfulness Instructor, Willow Run Farm Volunteer
  • Hobbies: Painting, pottery, modern dance, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, community building, energy healing, curating spaces, organizing events
  • Planned area after graduation: Eco-therapy and sustainability/regeneration
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? Build relationships with community organizations and team up with MCC’s student advisors and leaders.

Jonathan MorrisJonathan Morris

  • Junior undergraduate: Independent Scholars Leadership Development major
  • Commitment on and off campus: Completed “Make Your Mark on Madison” Leadership Development Program, Accounting Assistant at Douglas Wright DDS, Certified Life and Health Coach
  • Hobbies: reading, hiking, yoga
  • Planned area after graduation: Community development, coaching and moderation
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? The first thing that really sparked my interest in MCC was the fact that I was able to work with local businesses and organizations to support their growth and development. Being able to apply some of my own knowledge and skills in coaching and business development, as well as being able to develop my character and mindset to serve businesses and organizations was something I quickly found, and I’m also grateful that I did it.

Morgan RhudyMorgan Rhudy

  • Second year student: Independent researcher Strategic corporate communication and rhetoric
  • Commitment on and off campus: JMU Student Ambassador, JMU Communications Center Advisor, Intramural Soccer, Delight Ministries, InterVarsity, Honors College Ambassador, Spring 2022 Intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance
  • Hobbies: Travelling, cooking, concerts, outdoor walks
  • Planned area after graduation: Public Relations / Strategic Communications Consulting
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? My passion for community building stems from my unique nonprofit experience as the founder and former director of a Richmond-based grantmaking organization, Girl Power Grants. This experience has given me invaluable insight into community issues and the work of local entrepreneurs, which fueled my enthusiasm to give back and offer support wherever possible. As an intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, I am continually amazed at what our local business owners and nonprofits bring to this community. I welcome the opportunity to support, promote and collaborate with local businesses and non-profit organizations and make meaningful connections through these projects.

Amanda Brandao GarbimAmanda Brandao Garbim

  • Senior undergraduate: Major in International Affairs, minor in Business Spanish
  • Commitment on and off campus: Study Group Global Student Champions Network Team, 2021 Language Tutoring – Spanish, 2021 Student Advisory Board, 2020 – 2021 Leaders for International Networking and Knowledge (LINKERS), 2020 Vice President of Madison Motorsports (Auto Club at JMU)
  • Hobbies: My hobby at home is motorcycle racing on racetracks. I love cars and basically anything with engines attracts me. I love food from different countries and I like interacting with people
  • Planned area after graduation: Import and export
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? The reason I wanted to join MCC is that I saw a great opportunity to learn through learning, in other words this program is not like a course where we learn the theory and not the practical part but MCC will give me the change to learn the practical part. I am inspired by the fact that I can help the community and learn at the same time.

Hannah DunHannah Dun

  • Senior undergraduate: Dual major in Political Science and Spanish, minor in Humanitarian Affairs
  • Commitment on and off campus: Student Humanitarian Association, Dancing Dukes, Relay for Life, Alzheimer’s Walk
  • Hobbies: human rights activism, dance
  • Planned area after graduation: Political science subject with a focus on human rights issues and policies that affect them. I would probably start doing research in DC or work for a nonprofit, but eventually I’d like to do more hands-on field work.
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? Working for a non-profit organization is one of my goals for the future and I want to get more involved in the community.

Marcus HubbardMarcus Hubbard

  • 3approx year PhD student: PhD Strategic Leadership Studies, BS in Psychology, MS in Education
  • Commitment on and off campus: Real estate investing, writing thought for first book, random non-academic research, co-moderator of discussions for JMU Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship, delivered MBTI workshop
  • Hobbies: Real estate investing, singing, writing thoughts for my first book, random non-academic research
  • Planned area after graduation: Industrial organizational psychology related field to improve work culture and productivity.
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? I’m interested in business and management consulting as a full-time job after my PhD. The MCC experience fits perfectly with what I want to do after graduation. I expect to gain valuable experience while providing my services to the local business community and the MCC program

Bobby LohrBobby Lohr

  • graduate: Master in Public Administration
  • Commitment on and off campus: Madison Center for Community Development GA
  • Planned Area After Completion: Public Sector (Local or State)
  • Hobbies: Public Sector Organizations
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? Collaborate with organizations in the real world

Daniel GeorgeDaniel George

  • 2nd Year Graduate: Major in Human Resource Management for college students, BS in Psychology
  • Commitment on and off campus: Intervarsity, Young Life, I bartender at Valley Pike Farm Market in Weyers Cave and attend church from Horizon Christian Fellowship
  • Hobbies: I love art, video games, dining out, martial arts and most of all spending time with friends
  • Planned area after graduation: higher education or local government/education policy
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? I wanted to learn more about local governance and economics issues and issues, how the university campus can maintain a positive and symbiotic relationship with the community, and I wanted to practice the art of professional consulting more in business-oriented arenas

Stephen RobinsonStephen Robinson

  • 1St Year Graduate: Masters in Public Administration, Bachelors in Political Science, Modern European Studies and Honors Minors
  • Commitment on and off campus: Graduate Assistant for SPCE and Madison Center for Community Development
  • Hobbies: Sports (soccer and lacrosse), movies and television, video games, reading
  • Planned area after graduation: Public sector (state or local government)
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? I think it will be a good opportunity for me

Olivia BeachOlivia Beach

  • 1St Year Graduate: MS in Sports and Recreational Leadership, Bachelors in Sports Management and minor in Coaching from Slippery Rock University
  • Commitment on and off campus: I’m a Graduate Assistant Marketing and Communications at the School of Professional and Continuing Education. I’m also an intern in JMU’s Athletics Compliance Office and tutor in the Student Athlete Service.
  • Hobbies: I love all kinds of collegiate athletics and am outdoors/active
  • Planned area after graduation: College athletics (particularly compliance)
  • Why did you join MCC? What sparked your interest? The opportunity to work with local businesses to improve their branding and online presence

We’re excited to see the positive impact these students will have on the businesses and non-profit organizations in Harrisonburg and the surrounding communities!

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