Bakhu Holdings Selects Mitchell (“Mitch”) Kahn for Key Consulting Services

LONG BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2022 / Bakhu Holdings Corp. BKUH today announced an agreement to retain Mitchell (“Mitch”) Kahn, 61, founder and former CEO of Grassroots Cannabis, as a consultant to assist with marketing and financing activities in support of the company’s long-term goals of growth and value enhancement Company.

“The Board selected Mitch from many good candidates based on his preliminary contributions to Bakhu’s path of managing strategic planning, views on potential partnerships and licensees, and his track record of cost management,” said President and CEO Evripides Drakos in the announcement.

Bakhu Holdings has exclusive North American rights to sub-license a plant cell replacement process to grow select cannabinoids in proprietary bioreactors with consistent qualitative and quantitative characteristics at what management believes a significant discount over traditional cultivation and manufacturing processes.

In accepting the appointment, Kahn said, “My first steps will be to leverage my extensive experience in the cannabis sector to focus on a license marketing, capital formation and expansion planning course.”

Kahn is a seasoned manager and entrepreneur, particularly in the cannabis space. Grassroots Cannabis – a large privately owned, vertically integrated cannabis company in the United States – was purchased by Curaleaf Holdings in 2020. Kahn co-founded Grassroots in 2014 to provide consumers with safe and effective cannabinoid products. He managed more than 1,100 team members in 12 states and received more than 60 regulatory licenses in the burgeoning cannabis sector.

Prior to Grassroots Cannabis, Kahn co-founded Frontline Real Estate Partners, a Chicago-based real estate investment and advisory firm with experience in the acquisition, development, management, divestiture and leasing of commercial real estate throughout the United States. The company has acquired more than $125 million in real estate and built a successful brokerage and property management business that currently manages more than two million square feet of real estate.

Previously, Kahn co-founded Hilco, a leading real estate restructuring, divestiture appraisal and valuation firm. Mitch served as President and CEO, growing the company to more than 30 employees with annual sales in excess of $15 million.

Kahn began his career as a transactions attorney specializing in real estate and corporate M&A transactions. Before starting his entrepreneurial career, he served as Senior Vice President at Sportmart, growing the company’s footprint from 20 to 70 stores.

Mitch is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Business in 1982 and received his JD from Northwestern University Law School in 1984. He serves on multiple boards and is actively involved in numerous charitable and community organizations. He is currently Chairman of Frontline Real Estate Partners and Fyllo and sits on the boards of Wesana Heath and Curaleaf.

About Bakhu Holdings, Corp.

Bakhu Holdings Corp. BKUH holds a license for patented cell replication technology to produce, manufacture and sell cannabis-related products – sometimes referred to in the industry as cannabinoids – solely in North and Central America and the Caribbean. The Company’s business model for exploiting its intellectual property is to sell fee-based sublicenses to properly licensed third parties, who then independently grow and manufacture cannabis products. The Company plans to integrate its cell replication technology into manufacturing facilities that will be funded, built and operated to produce medicinal, food additives and recreational cannabis products.

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