Entering world of innovation and entrepreneurship | By Dr Asif Maqsood Butt

Entry into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship

WE are grateful for the sacrifices that have brought us to a comfortable and peaceful life.

We sit comfortably in pleasant surroundings and cherish good memories with our families.

But the slavery of 100 years still has its remnants in our lives, we still strive and fight for real freedom.

A country’s traditions, culture, social norms, way of life and future aspirations show its inner maturity.

Our attitude is based on the experiences we gather from our managers, peers, the media and to some extent from our past.

Today’s Pakistan is not what our forefathers fought and feared for, but they wanted a Pakistan to be peaceful, progressive and prosperous; where all have equal rights there will be unity, faith and discipline where institutions should play an important role.

where there will be nationalism and not individualism or where everyone has to fight for their survival.

54% of our young people are between 15 and 55 years old and another 15% will be in their teens in the next 10 years and 5% are already in their teens.

80% of the Pakistani people are in the phase where we can empower them through revolutionary steps and use them to improve Pakistan’s future development and prosperity.

The world has set high standards and moved away from the traditional way of learning towards project-based and academic methods.

Pakistan has taken the measures of academic learning but they are more related to the private school system and as the majority of our children are from the low-income segment that only public schools can afford.

Government agencies say that we need to innovate, but how we do that has yet to be done.

Youth turn to higher command for direction, career advice, project-based education, science and technology facilities, moral and financial support, and encouragement.

It must be expanded on the fringes so that large numbers of the population in our villages can benefit from it.

This will reduce urbanization, which has grown remarkably, according to the UNDP report: “Pakistan has the highest rate of urbanization in South Asia.

According to the 2017 census, 36.4 percent of the population live in urban areas. In 1998 it was still 32.5 percent.

Other estimates, based on a modified definition of urban settlements, suggest that the ratio of urban to rural populations could be 40.5 percent or even higher.

The United Nations Population Division estimates that by 2025 almost half the country’s population will live in cities.”

We need to ensure that the royalties go to the owner of the intellectual property owner and that they get their due compensation.

A living example of this is a businessman who is about to spread an idea in the construction and construction industry with an innovative and entrepreneurial model.

Pakistan has achieved long-term benefits, but it has also improved the lives of many and opened up new horizons of development for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis.

I have personally met a few youngsters who are super intelligent and with unique intellectuality, but only they behold a miracle.

There are hundreds and thousands of youngsters out there who couldn’t get the education but they are much more technically capable than others and just need the support and trust.

What they need is project-based study and majoring in another profession from high school for those who have the potential but have not gone to college for financial reasons.

A syllabus and curriculum can be designed from the beginning in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship similar to Intermediate, Bachelor and Master.

Medical students and graduates may also be offered the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship Scheme.

During post-graduation, two years in a relevant field and the next two years in the facility of an engineering university and similar for engineers who have weak medical knowledge but are interested in driving innovation in the medical field, medical curricula can help to better understand the background to be taught and medical concepts; later receive a fellowship degree.

This was suggested by my mentor Prof. Iftikhar Hanif, Professor of Innovation, during our visit to Malaysia to attend the Innovation Conference and Pakistan received the Gold Medal as well as the Best Achievement Award from 16 countries.

A School and University of Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be established and hundreds and thousands of street children, transgender children, children in prison, children who are more inclined and have the ability for project-based learning can attend the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and then the Be enrolled in college and university education.

I believe that right decisions in the right direction with immediate actions are expected from the astute and astute leadership: to shine and glorify today’s youth, to build a Pakistan that will sooner be dignified around the world; the day will not be far off when we will be a leading country in the world.

—The author is a columnist based in Rawalpindi.

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