Kevin Woods – Entrepreneurial Goals with The Tycoon Games LLC

Mastering business practices and terminology is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and develop a mindset that encourages entrepreneurship. Kevin Woods is a person who believes in the power of this method to help anyone achieve their business goals. With this in mind, Kevin founded The Tycoon Games LLC and created fun learning tools to build essential business skills. With courses, workbooks, board games, card games and more, The Tycoon Games LLC products offer an engaging way to educate people to think entrepreneurially.

Welcome Kevin, thanks for your time. To start, can you give us some background information about yourself?

I would like to call myself a serial entrepreneur. The first company I started was a technology support firm and then I started investing in real estate and buying and selling distressed off-market properties. However, I grew up in Coney Island, Brooklyn without knowing anything about business or even starting one. It took me years to understand the cycle of learning the process. As with most young adults who came from my homeland, there was a thought that only millionaires could become entrepreneurs. It wasn’t until I began to become an avid reader of self-development and positive thinking books that I was able to discover the mindset shift that it takes to become an entrepreneur.

The Tycoon Games are an incredibly exciting new idea. Can you tell us what that is?

I founded The Tycoon Games in 2021 with a vision to create business simulation games that are tools to teach business processes. My first product idea was the board game “Business Tycoon”. The word TYCOON fitted my vision perfectly because it is what you would call a very accomplished entrepreneur, someone doing business on a large scale. I wanted to see families, individuals, children and adults learn about the business processes like forming an LLC. The vision is to introduce the topic of entrepreneurship and other concepts such as managing assets and liabilities, using money as a tool, and leverage debt. That’s what the rich teach their families and friends. I believe that’s the mindset you should have as an entrepreneur and I wanted The Tycoon Games to reflect that in the products we create.

What made you decide to develop a platform for these business games?

I believe, like most people where I come from, that there is not much opportunity to even talk about starting a business or entrepreneurship. There is also a well-known deficiency within the school systems. I wanted to develop a different approach and help change the way individuals and families think. I believe as more we discuss the issue and learn that we can create opportunities at an early age or even as adults, we will be able to transform our lives and, fundamentally, the lives of our families and communities.

What kind of material will The Tycoon Games offer people?

Very good question. Our brand is essentially about the mindset, and we make tools that instill the mindset of entrepreneurship. Essentially, we will be producing educational material on this subject, such as digital content including courses and workbooks, board games, video games, decks of cards, t-shirts and posters. We are currently working on the next game which will be a card game.

How important do you think entrepreneurship is? What opportunities does it offer people?

Entrepreneurship is very important for families, individuals and communities. America was built by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who are financially free tend to make decisions to help others. We create new products and services that boost the economy. Young adults in our communities who become entrepreneurs create opportunities to transform their own lives and families, and build strong communities and economies that support them.

How can The Tycoon Games help people develop basic business skills?

I believe that The Tycoon Games isn’t just about building business skills, it’s also about the mindset. I believe that once we build a mindset of prosperity through interacting with the products we offer, it will help develop a mindset that will be essential for people throughout their lives. A good example would be a professional soccer player, he doesn’t become a professional soccer player in one day, but he interacts with the game his entire life and eventually finds a love for it and eventually does it at some level. Our products should achieve the same effect. By using our products you will learn how to use money as a tool, how to open a business, get a bank loan and much more.

Who benefits from these games?

Everyone can benefit from the games. You learn something new with every game, even people who are already entrepreneurs have fun and learn new tactics. I’ve added business terminology to the end of the rulebook for our flagship product, Business Tycoon Board Game. This alone will boost anyone’s business IQ and stimulate their minds. Most people who have played games like Monopoly, for example, still remember buying and selling real estate. You learned the concept.

In conclusion, when can we expect this launch? How can people get involved?

Well the product is now available and available for purchase on our website – I’d rather call the game an actual tool than a game because that’s what it is. I would be happy if like-minded people try our products, join our Instagram @The Tycoon Games or our Facebook page to follow our products, become a voice, or listen and hear what we have to say from time to time.

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