11 Mindset Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that there is no certainty about the time we are employed. I’ve seen companies shut down while others have been forced to lay off even their most valuable employees to keep the company afloat.

But at the same time, being self-employed and starting your own business is more than just saying “I run my own business and I am my own boss”. You must have that entrepreneurial mindset that will allow you to thrive in this day and age.

And no, you don’t have to be a graduate of a fancy business school or have attended many seminars and conferences to have this attitude. You just have to reflect and get to know yourself first.

How do you know if you have that entrepreneurial mindset? If you have more than one of these traits, then you might have them.

1. The ability to maintain a positive attitude

When it comes to running a business, it pays to have a positive attitude. How you deal with challenges and obstacles affects how you do business. It also affects how your employees see you.

If you flinch at the moment of a setback, your co-workers and those around you won’t have as much faith in you. A positive attitude allows you to face problems and obstacles head-on, without the clouded judgment brought on by negative emotions.

2. The openness to everything

Businesses are unpredictable, just like in real life. You must be prepared for what is to come, whether you believe it will happen to you or not. As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to take everything with you and keep up. You must be able to adapt to the changing business environment. A good example of this is the transition to an online business model in order to be able to continue selling your products even during the crisis.

3. A child’s curiosity

Businesses run on complicated cogs and wheels, and it’s always a marvel to see how different parts of the business work. When you examine how things work and how you can look at things from a different perspective, you tend to get inquisitive and inquisitive. This curiosity and inquisitiveness will allow you to find different solutions to your business problems even before they arise.

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4. Persuasion comes naturally to you

Convincing people to buy your products is one thing, but convincing your employees that your solutions are effective is another.

That’s why it’s important for any entrepreneur to have that ability to persuade people, whether it’s making a sale or proposing a solution to a problem. You see, the key to convincing people is being an effective communicator, and it’s about more than just selling people something.

If you’re an effective communicator, you know how to get your point across. You know how to get your message across on more than one platform, be it your social media page, YouTube channel or even your blog.

5. Creativity

Consistent with problem solving comes your ability to find ways to solve a problem from more than one angle. But creativity is also an important factor in innovating your products and services.

When entrepreneurs are creative, they go well beyond what they want to sell or solve. Remember that some of the most successful businesses and companies in the world didn’t start with just one product.

6. You are alone motivated

One of the best examples of a motivated entrepreneur is Elon Musk. Aside from having all of the signs listed above and in this article, he is known to be a highly motivated entrepreneur, so much so that he works long hours during the week to get things done. Check out how SpaceX and Tesla have bounced from one failure to the next and still managed to thrive.

Being diligent is not enough, but as an entrepreneur you need to be self-motivated even when all seems lost. Self-motivation is also influenced by your positive thinking. The more you think you can handle the problem, the easier it is to motivate yourself.

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7. Resilience and tenacity

Businesses are never free from times of adversity and difficulty, especially with this pandemic. If you’ve just started your business and been greeted by the pandemic, then you know what I’m talking about. There will always be one of those days when all seems lost, but if you’re thinking of quitting – don’t.

Take the time to rest, recharge your batteries, and get back on your feet to try again. Perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity are your two greatest drivers of success in any industry. Just look at Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Ray Kroc. If they had given up at any point in their entrepreneurial journey, they would not be the people they are now.

8. Taking responsibility for everything that happens

Accountability is often a trait that many business owners ignore or forget. As an entrepreneur, you must understand that everything is and will be your fault.

They are the ones who give the go-ahead to do this and that. You decide what to do and what not.

Taking ownership of your actions means that you not only own the business, you also accept the responsibility that goes with it. When you recognize what is happening in a company and own up to it, you become more motivated to make your company more successful.

9. Receptivity to everything

It’s difficult to convince people of the vision and idea for your business, but it’s another thing to be receptive to other people’s ideas. As an entrepreneur, you need to be receptive to feedback and criticism of your business.

A good entrepreneur is always open to new ideas and criticism because he wants the company to be successful. You won’t always figure things out on your own, so it pays to have a few outsiders looking for feedback.

10. A passion to keep going and helping

I’ve never met an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about his business. Today is all about helping people and making a difference in their lives. Because of this, some companies are built around this passion to help people. When you are passionate you are really motivated to create solutions and ideas for your industry and for the people around you.

If your business is built on passion, it will continue to use it as fuel to continue. As long as you’re motivated to make things work in pursuit of the bigger cause, your business should do well.

11. The ability to walk in another man’s shoes

Empathy is often a trait that is overlooked by business owners. I’ve met a handful of them who don’t really know what’s going on in their workforce because they don’t take the time to do so.

I remember a story about a hiring manager who reprimanded one of the employees for not performing as expected. Every week, this recruiter called this employee for an interview and reminded him of his shortcomings. He never came up with a solution to help this man because he didn’t take the time to do it.

It wasn’t until another recruiter stepped in and managed this crisis that the company finally knew why this man was doing so poorly. It turns out this man lost his wife in a divorce and his children in a custody battle. He was also homeless, living at a friend’s house. The recruiter then recommended that he take a few weeks off to sort things out, and he returned to work with renewed vigour.

You see, business owners who empathize with their employees will never go under because it is a passion of theirs. You simply cannot expect your business to survive if you don’t help your employees.

The final result

Times are tough for any entrepreneur, and one of the keys to survival is your mindset. If you believe that you have any of these signs within you, then you will be a good entrepreneur. When you have the passion and drive to get better and help people get better, your business will continue to thrive.

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