6 Awesome Online Workout Classes for Teenagers to Stay Fit and Healthy

Physical activity is important for everyone, whether you are a child or an older adult. In the teenage years, however, exercise is more important than ever.

Teens have so much to gain from physical activity. Some of the most appealing benefits include weight maintenance, strong muscles, good posture, stress relief, and overall happiness!

Exercise can be a fun way for teens to get a grip on all their crazy hormones and just have a fun time with friends. If you’re a teenager and looking to stay active, take a look at these six online exercise courses.

Between studying, after-school activities, and maintaining a social life, it can be difficult for a teenager to fit movement into the picture. Luckily, Joanna Soh has a quick and effective workout that only takes eight minutes.

Joanna’s training class consists of fairly tough exercises like squats, burpees, and hill climbs. The interval times are 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. At the end of the workout, you’ll get a well-deserved stretch.

Not only is this workout short and sweet, it also requires no exercise equipment. So grab your sneakers and exercise mat, get in a quick workout and you still have time to study for your exam.


If you are interested in longer workouts, Joanna’s YouTube channel is full of different videos, from online kickboxing classes to weight training.

As a teenager, you may feel insecure when exercising in front of people or going to the gym. Jo’s quick 10 minute workout is perfect and quiet enough to do in the comfort of your bedroom.

Jo mentions that working out doesn’t have to be boring, and this workout proves how true that is! Jo silently guides you while the timer counts you down and then shows you the next move on the right side of the screen. This is extra fun because you can dance and sing along to the fun, upbeat music.

The workout begins with a quick two-minute warm-up, and from there you progress to intervals of 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. At the end of the workout, join Jo for some cool-down stretches.

The great thing about the Growwithjo YouTube channel the huge collection of free workouts is available. Fancy dancing off the calories? Try some of their dance training videos. Do you really want to feel the burn? Check out her dumbbell strength playlist.

Physical activity is important for teenagers because it lays the foundation for your future life. So if you are fit and healthy now, you will be fit and healthy later in life!

The incredibly popular Emi Wong has created a fun 15 minute workout for kids and teens to participate in. The home workout consists of 30 exercises in a tabata format, which means 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Some of the exercises you will be doing are jumping jacks, caterpillars, and low punches. Emi also mentions that you can repeat the workout a few times if you want to work up a sweat more.

Emi Wong’s YouTube channel is known for offering a variety of workout classes, whether you’re looking for a quick K-Pop workout or an hour-long full-body home workout.

Kendrick Chavez is all about encouraging children and young people to keep moving, get fit and lead healthier lifestyles. He may still be a teenager himself, but he will make you feel inspired and motivated to get up and go.

In this at-home workout video led by teens, you don’t need any fancy equipment other than some water, a towel, and an exercise mat. Training begins with warm-up exercises like in-place jogs and jumping jacks, followed by more intense movements like lunges and triceps extensions.

Kendrick’s online classes almost always include other teens training with him, making it feel like you’re training with a group of your friends.

If you ever feel like you lack the drive to move, join us Kendrick’s YouTube channel right away. And remember, if they can do it, so can you!

Regular physical activity can help teenagers increase their energy levels, relieve tension, improve their self-image, and get rid of anxiety.

This workout will leave you feeling energized and inspired by young Danny who is only 14 years old but believes in exercising daily to stay in shape. Danny’s online training course begins with a quick warm-up, followed by training intervals of 45 seconds work and 20 seconds rest.

The exercises consist of jumping jacks, push-ups, and high knees, all of which are fairly easy to do but will surely make you sweat. Additionally, the energetic dance music will make you get up and move!

Since Danny’s workout only takes 12 minutes of your time, you can do it in the morning before you go to school or in the afternoon when you get home. Danny’s YouTube channel KlikKluKis full of fun, family-friendly exercise classes, so be sure to check them out.

Kristen’s YouTube Channel, K’s Perfect Fitness TV, is all about daily exercise, fitness and inspiring others to stay healthy. In this workout class, she made a point of developing a 20-minute total-body workout that’s perfect for teenagers.

This effective, beginner-friendly workout doesn’t take up much space or exercise equipment other than a mat, so teens can easily do it anywhere they like.

The 20-minute class begins with a short three-minute warm-up. Next are some supersets that include exercises like sumo squats, mountain climbers, crunches, and V-sits. Last but not least there is a plank challenge that will make you feel an intense burn.

Teens will love these fun online workout classes

For most teenagers, physical activity can make them feel overwhelmed and embarrassed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The solution is to start small with simple, quick, beginner exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

These six great online workout courses are perfect for teens who want to reduce stress, sleep better, improve their grades and gain a more positive outlook on life.

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