Entrepreneur Tanuj Sachdeva Emphasises Creativity As A Crucial Aspect Of Marketing Strategy

Marketing has become a crucial aspect in every industry. It has become imperative to inspire creativity in the execution of any marketing strategy. First of all, what role does creativity play in marketing? When we hear creativity, it’s more about bringing innovation to the table through unique marketing campaigns. Tanuj Sachdeva provides an insight into creative marketing and explains how creativity takes over in today’s dynamic world.

Tanuj Sachdeva is the founder and CEO of Blu Dexter, an advertising agency that offers a range of services to maximize brand reach across the digital ecosystem. From small brands to recognized brands, the entrepreneur has brought different levels of creativity with unique marketing tactics.

Tanuj Sachdeva not only explains what creative marketers do, but also explains the benefits of creativity in marketing campaigns. When it comes to creativity and innovation, nothing beats global giant Apple. Using an example from this international technology company, Mr. Sachdeva reveals that he loves how Apple brings the concept of “Think Different” to them with their innovative designs. Likewise, Tanuj Sachdeva believes that brands from different industries should encourage creativity in order to capture the attention of the target audience.

Apart from that, Tanuj Sachdeva believes that creative marketing can help to drastically increase sales and thereby increase brand goodwill. Alongside the importance of creativity, he writes about the benefits of expanding creative marketing strategies today.

Creativity in marketing has an advantage over the competition

There is no denying that a brand is recognized with its unique selling proposition (USP). Hence, many brands invest in various creative marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from the competitors in the market. Tanuj says, “To differentiate, every brand needs to have a strategy that goes beyond TV, billboards and billboards.” The best way is to use technology in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Creativity creates space for originality

When you are creative in running marketing campaigns, you come up with innovative and original ideas that may never have been implemented before. According to marketers, many businesses have scaled up and attracted potential customers by offering authentic products and services. “It’s about doing things that nobody does,” reveals Tanuj.

Creative marketing is inexpensive

When it comes to marketing designs, they are either good or bad. An underlying fact is that the cost of any marketing design is lower than old-school marketing designs. Interestingly, creative marketing strategies are inexpensive and require less investment. Tanuj found that the return on investment of a creative marketing strategy is much higher than traditional marketing tools. The main reason for this is the innovation and advancement of technology, digital media and the internet.

Creative marketing campaigns have an emotional connection with the audience

Many brands and companies understand audience sentiment before implementing a marketing strategy. The human tendency of each individual is that their purchasing power is influenced more by emotions than by logic and data. Additionally, creative marketing helps brands build a loyal customer base by delivering out-of-the-box ideas.

Creative marketing increases brand goodwill

One of the most important aspects of any brand is to create recognition among the target group. This can only happen if companies increase differentiation with their products and services. Therefore, incorporating creativity into marketing strategies not only leads to increased sales, but also helps to establish brand equity in the market.

In short, creative marketing has proven to be game-changers for many brands. Using unique tactics, the creative marketers have the opportunity to digitally connect with a larger audience, thereby effectively and efficiently influencing the purchasing power of consumers.

We wish Tanuj Sachdeva all the best in his future endeavors.

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