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Samsung UK Solve for Tomorrow Contest 2022

LONDON, UK – Augth April 2022 – Satsung electronics co, GmbH – Samsung UK has announced the semi-finalists of its Solve for Tomorrow competition. The competition, open to young people aged 16-25, is running for the second time in the UK with the aim of finding, nurturing and celebrating the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Over the past four months, the competition has received applications from teams across the country who have shared their ideas on how technology could help solve a major societal challenge in one of four key areas; Education, sustainability, social isolation or diversity, justice and inclusion.

Applicants for the contest were inspired by Samsung’s free public resources, including four CPD-accredited online courses hosted on Future Learn and a variety of “Future Talk” events scheduled throughout 2021 Samsung KX will be held. Both the online courses and the lectures brought together leading companies from the UK, voices using technology as a key tool to drive change in their communities.

Selected semi-finalists will take part in a program of workshops, coaching and 121 mentoring delivered in partnership with Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology. Over the next two months, the semifinalists will explore the fundamentals of design thinking, develop a basic understanding of emerging digital technologies, and develop their initial ideas to submit to the next round of judging, where five teams will be selected as finalists to present before by a jury of industry experts on 27th June 2022.

Underpinned by Samsung’s CSR vision “Together For Tomorrow! Enabling People, Samsung recognizes the individuality of the learning process and aims to inspire and support a diverse cohort of young people to share their passions outside of the traditional education system. The Solve for Tomorrow competition aims to empower participants with the confidence, connections and skills to further their ideas, careers and ambitions.

comment on announcement, Sophie Edgerley Harris, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samsung Electronics UK Shares:

“Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that young people’s drive to create a better world for all has only grown stronger. It is a privilege to offer Solve for Tomorrow as a platform to help young people develop their skills and ideas to use technology for good. We are committed to developing their confidence, connecting them as part of a community of change makers, and supporting them to discover their own purpose. We are excited to be part of the journey of our semi-finalists as they take on their mentorship to grow their ideas and move on to the next phase of the program.”

Geraldina Iraheta, Chief Commercial Officer at Digital Catapult, added:

It’s absolutely inspiring to see the younger generation stepping forward and coming up with innovative solutions to some of society’s more complex problems. The Solve for Tomorrow Shortlist is an excellent representation of entrepreneurship here in the UK. We are delighted to support Samsung with Solve for Tomorrow for the second year in a row and look forward to working with the semi-finalists to further develop their skills and ideas to harness the power of advanced digital technology for a better tomorrow.”

The Solve for Tomorrow winning team will be announced at the final pitch event on November 27thth June 2022 and will receive a cash prize of £10,000 plus an additional six months of support from Samsung and Digital Catapult to help them reach the scale of their ideas. The runners-up in the competition will receive additional prizes and Samsung products.

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About the Solve for Tomorrow semi-finalists

team category The idea
1 diversity and inclusion The team aims to create a groundbreaking mobile device for the visually impaired and blind. The team wants to make the invisible challenges visible.
2 training Monthly educational content to teach young people valuable hands-on repairing and upcycling skills. Team 2’s goal is to encourage the regeneration of old electronics in a fun and engaging way.
3 training A resource for teachers to help students communicate difficulties they are having with their learning environment, with the aim of improving engagement in all aspects of the learning journey.
4 diversity and inclusion 466 million people suffer from some form of hearing loss. Team 4 wants to investigate and solve some of the challenges faced by an innovative wearable device.
5 training The uncertainty after a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for everyone. However, this period is particularly confusing for young children. Team 5 tries to make the treatment journey seem less scary through education.
6 sustainability An eco-friendly smart food storage container with a smart humidity sensor system; make access to fresh produce affordable and accessible. Team 6 wants to help reduce global food waste.
7 Social isolation The future of outdoor swimming. A hub that can deliver information such as purity, flow rate, depth and temperature of outdoor water reserves directly to the user’s wearable device.
8th Social isolation A tablet that uses artificial intelligence to help people with autism interact more intuitively with the rest of the world.
9 sustainability Team 9 aims to tackle returns in bulk e-commerce by offering online shoppers greater accuracy on their first purchase through a virtual fitting room that ensures the best fit.
10 sustainability Team 10 makes the footwear industry sustainable through digital AR skins and 3D printed biodegradable self-healing technology.
11 Social isolation Team 11 wants to develop a common space for survivors and victims of domestic violence to support and connect with each other in a safe and monitored space.
12 Social isolation An app that connects people to their communities to foster a dynamic, neighborly and more meaningful way of living together.
13 sustainability A bank of sustainable resources for ordinary people to discover and share solutions that fit their lifestyles, creating a mass movement that will lower demand for unsustainable practices and foster collective change in society’s response to our environmental crisis
14 training A hub for students to access resources they need to manage their time, overcome procrastination, remember their subject matter, and overcome procrastination.
15 sustainability A product that allows owners of outdated smartphones to repurpose their idle technology to monitor their garden’s wildlife, increase engagement with nature and contribute data to citizen science.
16 training Vocational education is inaccessible to many students, contributing to social inequality and immobility. Team 16 wants to solve this problem by creating a social platform to facilitate peer-to-peer learning
17 diversity and inclusion An app that showcases the diversity of British history – dedicated to including the often excluded stories of people of color (PoC) in Britain.
18 sustainability An app that tailors climate solutions to the individual and builds a global community of changemakers.
19 training Team 19 proposes a creative and innovative way to promote legal literacy among children, particularly unaccompanied minors traveling across European borders.
20 diversity and inclusion Time is money. Knowledge is power. Team 20 will increase access to experiences and opportunities, allowing previous generations to pass on their knowledge to the next.
21 sustainability Why hunt flies and mosquitoes with multiple devices around the house when you can stop them from entering with one? Team 21 is developing an efficient and sustainable circuit to provide a cost-effective solution.
22 Social isolation Team 22 aims to expand stories and safe spaces for the UK roller skating community via a mobile web app
23 diversity and inclusion A clothes trying on app about 3D body modeler and 3D clothes simulation. Team 23 allows the user to select their preferred size and style that most comfortably fits their body shape.

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