Social Media Engagement Is Where the Magic Happens for Your Business

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Social media has become a must for most businesses. Why are more brands than ever interested in engaging with social media? More than half of the world’s population now uses social media. 3.96 billion people use social media today, which is about 51% of the world’s population. This means that more people now use social media than not, and the trend is rising. Almost 12 new users sign up for social media accounts every second.

Maybe we’re seeing more interactions on social media as more people work from home. Customers want to do even more on social media because they see a connection between increased visibility, engagement and sales.

Being successful is not just about posting. It’s about actually engaging – you know, being social. That’s a good thing because when you interact with your followers on social media, that’s where the magic happens. However, the value of social media cannot always be measured, and brands need to embrace it. Much of the value comes from lurkers. Some studies say up to 90% of your audience can be sneaks.

One of my clients largely measures the value of their social media program by the fact that their parent company executives have noticed their efforts there — without “liking” or “sharing” anything — and that sets them apart from the other companies they own (who are not active on social media). It’s a differentiator for my client.

If you want to be more active on social media, what can you or your brand do to be more engaging?

Post consistently

Just having one account is not enough. You should post regularly. It’s disappointing to look up a company on social media only to find they haven’t posted in a year. If you need help with consistent posts, tools like Buffer can come preloaded with content you can schedule to publish on your behalf. And remember, you don’t have to be active everyone social media platform. You’re just setting yourself up for being overwhelmed. Pick the ones where your audience spends the most time and focus on those.

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Interact with others on social media

Follow other colleagues and industry leaders on social media and reply to their posts. If they comment on yours, make sure you acknowledge that. On Twitter or LinkedIn, for example, you can have some stimulating conversations and get a lot of valuable information.

curate content

It’s better to curate some of the content you post from other sources. If you only post content created by your organization, your followers will get tired of you talking about yourself all the time. Instead, spend a little time each day or week scouring trusted sources of information like blogs, trade publications, and news outlets for stories that might be relevant to your audience. Add your brief opinion on each, and voila, you’ve got some great content to add to your feed.

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ask a question

Ask your followers a question to stimulate activity. You can also use a poll to engage your audience. This can help start conversations and learn more about your audience. In addition, you can ask people for their opinion on a specific topic, ask hypothetical questions, or even host a Q&A session.

Start a Twitter chat

I can’t stress enough how much I got from Twitter chats. I’ve met people, made friends, found collaborators, stayed up to date on trends, found sources for articles I write, and learned from every chat I’ve participated in. I found them so valuable that I even started my own (#FreelanceChat). Participants look forward to “seeing” people in the chats they frequent – it’s a place where they’re sure to meet. Now Twitter is rolled out communities, which, in the words of Twitter, “offer people a special place to connect, share and get closer to the discussions that matter most to them.” And in this time of greater isolation for many, community matters more than ever.

social media can pay off for your business when you are willing to interact and engage there. Remember, if more than half the population hangs out there, maybe your business should too.

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