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project manager

Location: VI, Lagos

Industry: Healthcare

Salary: 350-400 thousand

job overview

Our client, a multinational group of pathology laboratories, would like to hire a project manager whose main responsibility is to design and set up all documentation according to the experimental protocol. Manage and coordinate all received clinical trial samples, reports and accounts for specific clinical trials. Establishes liaisons with study sponsors and resolves issues that arise related to current clinical study samples and sites.


  • Manages and maintains strict confidentiality during clinical trials and ensures a trusting relationship is established between BARC and the relevant drug company. Ensuring that when new medicines are being developed or tested, sensitive information about the effects of the medicines is not shared with third parties.
  • Registers studies in the collaborator system and fills out New Setup Forms (NSF) to ensure records are kept electronically.
  • Coordinates and facilitates the completion of the Technical Protocol (TP) in compliance with relevant procedures.
  • Participates in initiation and organizes pre-clinical trial meetings to ensure first-hand knowledge of the trial is gained.
  • Assists investigators, clinical trial research assistants and trial staff to ensure relevant laboratory aspects of clinical trial procedures are followed and complied with where required.
  • Reports stable reference ranges and DAIDS reference ranges for laboratory needs.
  • Provides customers and sponsoring company and site personnel with copies of laboratory certification, relevant resumes and contact information.
  • Maintains, creates, drafts and updates study folders for the duration of clinical trials to ensure record keeping and reference to each case study as per procedure and protocol.
  • Captures all clinical trial information electronically in the Collaborator system to ensure records and audit trails.
  • Generates an investigator handbook with all essential clinical trial documentation to ensure information is also captured electronically in the collaborator system for record-keeping purposes.
  • Creates a protocol-specific instruction manual (PSI) informing the laboratory and receiving personnel of protocol-specific laboratory requirements and testing.
  • Assists the Information Technologist (IT) Consultant in setting up all processes on the Meditech system to ensure all relevant information is captured electronically for record-keeping purposes. (e.g., logging procedures, demographics, result entry, reporting, fax, email, and billing capabilities). Performs a full validation of the IT facility.
  • Regularly follow up with an investigator to ensure the clinical trial is running smoothly and if any discrepancies arise, immediate action can be taken to avoid a study/trial violation.
  • Checks the account monthly to ensure there are no fraudulent incidents/inconsistencies
  • Checks and verifies billing statements to ensure documentation is valid.
  • Performs daily activities on the Meditech system required for operational purposes, e.g. B. Time recording / doctor – patient search
  • Extracts charges on Monday and ensures protocol and procedures are followed.
  • Sends out loads to the relevant customers on a weekly basis to ensure effective customer service if required
  • Performs a random review of request forms before they are scanned into the Oculus system to ensure records and audit trails.
  • Reviews Data Clarification Forms (DCFs) on a daily basis and ensures that DCF forms are completed within the required turnaround time between site and relevant laboratory.
  • Oversees staff’s day-to-day communications related to faxes, kit orders, and study setup to ensure effective customer service.
  • The study folder files and setup are complete and available for audit
  • Oversees and maintains outdated files/incident files/shipping files and documents ensuring record retention upon request or for investigation purposes.
  • Regularly attends site meetings to ensure proper communication between site and relevant laboratory is being conducted.
  • Forwards the minutes of these meetings to senior management to ensure effective communication and record keeping and if any discrepancies/issues are identified immediate action can be taken.
  • Communicates solutions to staff once issues are resolved to ensure effective communication between BARC staff and customers.
  • Warehouse:
  • Regularly monitors the LDMS (Laboratory Data Management System) to ensure material management protocols are being followed.
  • Performs storage audits to ensure no samples have been compromised.
  • Sends an up-to-date storage log to the responsible laboratory and informs them which samples are stored in the BARC storage facility. (if requested)
  • Monthly Reports and Utilizations:
  • Sends monthly utilization records to relevant sites/sponsors regarding clinical trial studies with updated information if required.
  • Attends the regular review meeting to ensure current records related to current clinical trials are printed and discussed.
  • Writes incident reports and scans the reports into Oculus to ensure current information is in the electronic record.
  • Training: Reads the clinical study protocol to ensure the information is understood.
  • Trains all staff involved in the clinical trial to ensure procedures and protocol are understood and signs training logs to ensure manual record keeping.


  • Must be familiar with and work with the following computer systems: Meditech, employees, MS Office (writing documents, trend analysis on Excel, training presentations) Internet/Intranet
  • The candidate must have 3-5 years of supervisory experience
  • Relevant healthcare degree and certifications.
  • Knowledge of English
  • Consistently meeting stringent turnaround and performance targets in an environment characterized by high volumes,
  • Antisocial working hours and shifts may be required in some areas
  • Cost-effective use of all resources;
  • Keep up to date with technical knowledge and changes in the workplace;
  • Working effectively in a multidisciplinary team
  • Can prioritize urgent matters and deal with stress.
  • Ability to work in a team and positively influence colleagues.
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information

application method

Interested and qualified candidates should send their application to: [email protected] Using the position as the subject of the email.

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