SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc. Executes Strategic Relationship with American Cannabis Consulting, Inc.

SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc.

SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc.

DENVER and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SPOTLITE360 IOT SOLUTIONS, INC. (“SpotLite360” or the “Company”) (CSE: LITE) (OTC: SPLTF) (Frankfurt: 87A) announces that it has entered into a Master Agreement dated March 30, 2022 (the “Framework Agreement’) to establish a strategic relationship with American Cannabis Consulting (OTCQB:AMMJ) (ACC) an independent party of the company. Based in Denver, Colorado, ACC is a nationally recognized business-to-business cannabis consulting solutions provider and licensed owner-operator with a number of prominent brands and corporate relationships. First February 25, 2022ACC announced a partnership with cannabis brand Bubba Kush.

Under the terms of the master agreement, both companies will work together on joint consulting assignments to leverage their combined strengths. SpotLite360’s recent announcement of acquiring a majority stake in E3 service group, combined with SpotLite360’s SaaS-based technology and ACC’s vast experience in indoor cannabis cultivation, is able to offer best-in-class design, build, total cost of ownership, production and financial returns. SpotLite360’s technology provides transparency in the supply chain, including the required proof of sustainability claims.

James Greenwell, President and CEO of SpotLite360 commented, “Our companies share a common vision to help our customers make data-driven decisions – across a sustainable agricultural supply chain. SpotLite360 looks forward to working with ACC to ensure process efficiencies, support regulatory and compliance requirements, improve product quality and provide consumers with the proof of ESG claims they are now demanding. Our engineering designs and supply chain platform will drive best-in-class models for optimal agricultural cultivation.”

Both companies are currently working together on significant client opportunities in seven (7) different states. Most of the projects are new build opportunities with several in advanced discussions. Joint announcements are expected for the remainder of 2022.

Ellis Smith, Founder and CEO of ACC, said: “Investors and operators agree that the future of cultivation is not based on old-school mechanical systems, but rather on technology, IoT, automation and data-driven analytics. We believe that consistent, repeatable, high-quality products are a direct result of good design, good engineering, best practices, good systems, good data, and good decisions. Together, our companies will enter into more than just a consulting agreement, a design or an installation with our customers, but create decades of mutual success.”

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SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc.

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About SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc.

SpotLite360 is a logistics technology solutions provider that unlocks value, opportunity and efficiency for all participants in a supply chain. SpotLite360 builds on existing applications of IoT technologies, distributed ledgers and machine learning and strives to set new standards for transparency, integrity and sustainability in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and agriculture industries. As regulators around the world begin to impose new traceability and accountability requirements to protect consumers (eg, DSCSA and FSMA of the US Food and Drug Administration) the need for reliable, cost-effective and versatile tracking technology is expected to increase significantly. SpotLite360’s flagship SaaS solution is designed to seamlessly track a product’s movement by integrating with the systems of all key participants in a supply chain that stretches from raw materials to the hands of the end user. With the primary goal of onboarding new customers in 2021, SpotLite360 plans to explore innovative use cases for its proprietary technology stack that could transform logistics operations in some of the world’s largest industries.

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