12 Best Free Online Personal Finance Courses

If you want to learn how to make smart financial decisions, save more, and reduce debt, you’re in luck. Today…

If you want to learn how to make wise financial decisions, save more and eliminate debt, You’re lucky. Today, there are many free online personal finance courses to improve your money management skills.

“However, remember that online personal finance courses should be viewed as an educational resource and not as specific personal financial advice,” says Drew Feutz, a certified financial planner in Indianapolis and co-founder of Migration Wealth Management. “The information you learn from a personal finance course should be applied in the context of your own financial situation, rather than following everything that is taught 100%.”

“Some things you learn in a personal finance class may not apply to you or be appropriate for implementation in your own life,” Feutz adds, noting that too often people mistake something of a personal finance Experts read or hear a course on which they are compelled to act.

However, a few lessons in personal finance classes can not only help you improve your money management skills, but also get you thinking Saving and spending behavior and help you build a strong foundation for success. You can also explore topics such as Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and strategies for Reduce credit card debt. Here are 12 rewarding online personal finance courses you can take for free:

— Finance for everyone: Smart tools for decision-making

— How to save money: Make smart financial decisions

— Brigham Young University Personal Finance Courses

– Personal Finance 101 from Udemy.com

— Purdue University’s planning for a safe retirement

— Duke University Behavioral Finance Course

— The University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Financial Planning for Young Adults

— Introducing Alison.com to managing your personal financial debt

— Monetary Skills from Marginal Revolution University

— Khan Academy personal finance courses

— Risk, retirement and investment planning

— Work smarter, not harder: time management for personal and professional productivity

Finance for everyone: smart decision-making tools

You can find this on Edx.org, an online course provider created by Harvard and MIT that offers courses from universities. That finance for everyone Course was developed by the University of Michigan, and it covers financial fundamentals and strategies for making good financial decisions. It’s a self-paced course that lasts six weeks, with enough coursework that you could spend five to six hours going through the material.

How to save money: Make smart financial decisions

That How to save money: Make smart financial decisions The course is another offering from Edx.org (there are some personal finance courses on this site). These are archived coursework from the University of California, Berkeley, designed as a four-week course with approximately two to three hours of instruction per week. This course explains how to prioritize expenses and why you need an emergency fund. It also goes into more complicated territory, providing insights into how to lower your insurance costs, where to look up mutual fund fees, and when to apply for Medicare and Social Security.

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Brigham Young University personal finance courses

There is a wealth of information in Brigham Young Universityis free Online courses on personal finance, which offer courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Users can access the coursework for free and learn with videos and money management assignments. The course offers a do-it-yourself approach and covers topics such as tips for achieving financial independence, savings strategies, stock fundamentals, and tips for setting up and achieving it long-term financial goals.

Personal Finance 101 by Udemy.com

Udemy.com, a popular online learning platform, offers numerous features personal finance courses. Many of the courses are inexpensive, butPersonal Finance 101‘ is free and designed for beginners. It contains over 50 short videos totaling over three hours of content on topics ranging from credit card basics to financing your education to relationships and finance.

Purdue University planning for a safe retirement

That online courseis on Purdue University‘s College of Agriculture site, has 10 modules, all with lessons designed to teach you how to have a successful retirement. Like the BYU course, it’s self-paced, and you can learn about topics like understanding your risk tolerance when saving for retirement and navigating simplified employee benefits. Although the course offers a wealth of information, it is best suited for those who want to learn how to achieve a financially secure retirement.

Duke University Behavioral Finance course

Coursera.org, a platform that offers courses taught by university professors around the world, offers courses that allow students to interact with professors, receive graded assignments, and earn certifications for a fee. However, you can also find free courses on the site, including a three-week behavioral finance course out of Duke University. In this course you will learn how prejudice affects how much you spend on groceries, how to tip and how much to budget for insurance, along with tips for saving for retirement in a course taught by a university professor.

The University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Financial Planning for Young Adults

This is another course that you can find on Coursera.org and is offered by the University of IllinoisUrbana champagne. If you are looking for a course designed for beginners then this is it Online introductory personal finance course could fit the bill. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risks, borrowing and borrowing.

Alison.com’s introduction to managing your personal financial debt

Alison.com offers free online finance courses lasting six to ten hours. That Introduction to managing your personal financial debt The Financial Literacy course covers everything you would want to know about managing or eliminate debt, with tips for prioritizing debt and strategies for reducing credit card balances. It will even help you create a debt elimination plan.

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The Monetary Skills of Marginal Revolution University

This is a course from Marginal Revolution University, a website and non-profit organization founded by two people George Mason University Economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, who are building an online library of free educational videos on economics (over 900 to date). That Money literacy class contains 10 videos and finance exercises led by Cowen and Tabarrok and covers topics such as investing, real estate and careers. The course is aimed at beginners but is taught at university level.

Khan Academy personal finance courses

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free education and often works with schools. Khan Academy offers many free personal finance courses, with video lectures covering everything from taxes to car expenses to paying for college. For example, if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s better to lease or buy a car and you really want to get into the nitty-gritty details, this site may have a worthwhile cash course for you.

Risk, retirement and investment planning

Risk, retirement and investment planninganother offering on Edx.org, is a four-week course from Indiana University this includes four to six lessons per week. It’s self-paced, so you can work through the course at your own pace, and like all the courses on this list, it’s free. You’ll tackle everything from life insurance to deciding how much money you need for retirement. As the course states, “Students in this course will acquire both conceptual and practical knowledge of the inevitable and universal decisions surrounding risk management, retirement planning, and the launch of an investment program.”

Work smarter, not harder: time management for personal and professional productivity

Some of the topics in this Coursera.org class This includes learning to delegate effectively, identifying specific time management tools and how to use them, and learning to recognize and overcome obstacles to successful time management. The class includes videos, readings and quizzes.

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