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Tyler King, Founder and CEO of Assuras, Inc. understands the importance of determining where to begin before trying to decide where to end. His unorthodox problem-solving methodology has made his company’s roadmap approach one of the most sought-after solutions in business today.

The decision will come later, he explains. Once we’ve identified what needs improvement based on analysis and research, we take a step back before deciding which strategy works best.

When engaging with a new client, it can be difficult for consulting firms to know where to begin. Some try to start at the top and meet face-to-face with executives about their business goals and success. Others go the opposite way, jumping straight into discussions about how to help without meeting in person for months.

Assuras takes a different approach that has proven successful over time; Rather than meeting with leaders in person from day one, the team plunges directly into organizing meetings with employees who will be most impacted by the changes that result from those meetings.

Tyler King says the first few weeks involve extensive research into the processes taking place in an organization. This gives us the opportunity to talk to the contributors and learn where real problems lie.

We look for pain points both inside and outside the company, Tyler says, continuing, and identify them through customer service calls, interviews, surveys and employee focus groups.

After all this investigative work, the company puts together a journey map that details each step of the process and shows exactly what everyone else sees – down to all those scraps. That way, executives have an image to go back to if they need to understand an issue before attempting to fix it.

Tyler King and his staff specialize in working with organizations to identify problem areas and use project management experts to develop the perfect solution. With years of experience, they know what it takes to fix anything from small bugs to big problems. Recently they have been working on implementing processes that will make life easier for both new and existing clients – by ensuring a high standard of work is done across all departments while also being attentive to the needs of employees. For a typical client with 500-2000 employees, these organizational methods are especially important when things are not in order. There’s no telling what a mess would ensue if so many people were left without proper guidance!

The strategies used by Assuras may be unorthodox, but they are based on decades of data. Tyler King explains that they specialize in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, in addition to our own blend of what we believe to be best business practices. Under King’s leadership, Assuras is well-placed to step in and provide any assistance needed to those who seek guidance. His first company – CSR Technology Group – surpassed $1 million in sales before he graduated high school; Since then, he has devoted his time to continuing his education, earning a number of degrees and certificates while studying at Duke University, MIT, Columbia University, Cornell University, Stanford University.

Certainly one of the greatest advantages of taking advice from Assuras is not that you no longer need to refer to them for future advice – after all, their main aim is always to bring those who turn to them one step closer to solving the problems at hand. And if there was a problem here today – it wouldn’t stay here forever. You are obliged to make it [their] customers better. And when you have enough faith in yourself and your abilities – such as in what this successful company does – anything becomes possible!

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