Data science hiring process at Dukaan 

Based in Bengaluru, Dukaan is a DIY platform that allows merchants without any coding knowledge to build their e-commerce business via smartphones. Currently, the company helps over 3.5 million small and medium-sized businesses across the country to start, grow, market and manage their business in over forty business categories such as cloud kitchen, t-shirt shops, personalized gifts, organic farming and more .

established in 2019, dukaan was started by Kaustub Pandey, Subhash and Choudhary Suumit Shah |. Sharing the journey with AIM, Shah said: “The way it started was that at the height of the lockdown people were unable to do business offline and a lot of people started looking for alternatives – like how do I get back into business – and the most obvious choice everyone had was – how do I start my ecommerce store?”

Shah, a software engineer, started creating an ecommerce store on the phone and found it very cumbersome. That’s when he, along with other co-founders, decided to build a platform that can help anyone set up an online store that’s going. “The original idea was pretty simple – anyone should be able to create their ecommerce store within 30 seconds,” Shah said, saying it wasn’t just a marketing gimmick.

Above all, Dukaan is very proud of its data science and analytics team, which drives the business and improves the customer experience by far. It has a lean data science team consisting of data scientists, data analysts, data engineers and ML engineers. The company told AIM that it plans to hire 10 to 15 data science professionals in a variety of roles and experience levels over the coming months.

Within Dukaan’s data science team

What makes Dukaan unique is how it uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to streamline its business. His data analytics team is focused on diving deep into data and uncovering business insights to seamlessly support every decision, both internally and for his clients. The analytics team also helps in the design of the product.

On the other hand, the data engineering team works to build robust data platforms and pipelines for their various data sources. “So that’s basically how we’re structured,” he said Damini Chandra, Head of Data and Analytics at Dukaan. Before joining Dukaan, Chandra was Director of Analytics at Swiggy and also led the data science and analytics team at Fractal Analytics.

Chandra elaborated further on the type of work Dukaan’s data science and analytics team is doing, saying, “In terms of merchant enrichment, we’ve been working on recommendation engines that run in the shopping cart and provide recommendations of products that the Buyers can add to cart. Secondly, we have also been working on a recommendation engine that will help our resellers to understand which products to add to their dreams.”

In terms of adding value to the business, Dukaan’s data science team is addressing the challenges of fraudulent orders, product returns, etc. which orders are likely to be returned and therefore required to convert to partially or fully prepaid,” explained Chandra.

interview process

“We mostly start with an exploratory discussion where we try to understand the candidate’s experience and background, how they communicate and what they are looking for,” Chandra said.

Once the candidate completes this round, Chandra said they go to a technical interview to look for relevant skills. After that, they try to understand previous projects the candidate has worked on. “Finally, we also look at cultural fit, but that really happens throughout the process,” she added.

In addition, she said the panel would review examples of how the candidate views the problem, curiosity, learning, collaboration and teamwork are some of the qualities Dukaan looks for in a candidate who comes up for an interview.

Bids and prohibitions

“I’ve had so many job interviews. I think it’s hard to find one or two,” Chandra said. She said some of the common mistakes seen are that people in general tend to jump to conclusions without fully understanding the question or an issue. “So you get what the interviewer is talking about,” Chandra said.

She also said that candidates often tend to find complex solutions to simple problems. “A simple answer would be best,” she added.

“Finally, be aware of the work you’ve done in the past,” Chandra said.

Work culture at Dukaan

Chandra said that Dukaan is a fast-paced organization. As things change quickly, team members are open to adapting to the pace. But at the same time, there’s a tremendous learning opportunity, she added. “We have a group of highly motivated individuals who are trying to change the world out there, and you are a part of that group,” Chandra said.

In addition, she said that collaboration is also very important as the team works across different functions and departments within the company. This includes engineers, product owners, business managers, etc. Everyone on the team has a problem-solving mindset, she added.

Chandra also believes that in order to fit into the team, you have to have a knack for talking to people and understanding their problems and, in most cases, even identifying them.

Why should you join Dukaan?

Dukaan believes in creating a fun, collaborative, entrepreneurial and growth-oriented work culture. “Every decision at Dukaan is data-backed,” Chandra said, saying that everyone on the team has the freedom to make independent decisions. “Well, personally, I find that very exciting,” she added.

“It’s a young company. So you have the freedom to choose the projects that you’re passionate about,” Chandra said, saying that many people in this space have a hard time making a difference. Dukaan believes it is life changing for many people by helping them choose the path of entrepreneurship and achieve financial freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Dukaan’s Data Science Jobs here.

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