Free Webinar Offers Families Tips and Programs to Maximize Summer Learning

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich..April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Families can gather tips on how to keep their teens busy as the school year ends during a free webinar this week hosted by Fusion Education Group.

“Strike the perfect balance of meaningful engagement and relaxation this summer,” he said Jennifer Walsh-RurakEdD

“With a little forward planning, you can help your teen find the perfect balance of meaningful activity and relaxation this summer,” he said Jennifer Walsh-RurakEdD, a national leader in youth education, will lead the webinar entitled: “Create a meaningful summer for your teenager“to be held Wednesday April 13, 2022, 1:00 PM in eastern time (We and Canada).

Participants will learn:

  • Plan a summer without boredom
  • Balance rest and routine
  • Get ideas for teenage summer enrichment
  • Explore Fusion Education Group’s 250+ programs

After the presentation there will be time for questions and answers. Participants can register here.

“Take some time to be curious about what your teen is interested in, and you might be surprised how their answers align with so many summer programs available,” Walsh-Rurak said. She offered families conversation starters to help identify their teens’ interests:

  1. Think about your future self when you start school next year. What would you have liked to learn more about, experience or achieve more about this summer?
  2. Take a look back at the past school year. What was particularly difficult that you would like to work through this summer so that it is no longer a challenge for you next year?
  3. Let’s look at your goals for the next year. What can we do this summer to encourage them? What is it that arouses your interest that you would like to find out more about together with an expert?

Lazy summer days can throw off routines and stall academic growth. Research suggests that the development of young people’s social skills has hit the brakes during the pandemic. The education team at Fusion Education Group has developed three summer program tracks that provide students with support exactly where they need it:

  • Build key competencies with Skill Launch Camps: FEG Skill Launch camps help students sharpen the life skills they need for student and lifelong success and include Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Financial Skills, Modern Etiquette and How to Smash Your College Essay.
  • Keep learning with Accelerate: Students looking to gain an edge in their next academic year can take the courses in a personalized one-on-one tuition to earn points. AP courses can be taken at Fusion Global Academy. Post-secondary counseling including exam preparation is also available.
  • Catch up with Remediate: Whether students want to strengthen their learning foundation, fill gaps in learning losses, or make up for failed credits, credit and tutoring courses are available.

“Parents keep telling us that their teens missed the boat when it comes to learning many of the fundamental skills needed to succeed as a high school student and as an adult,” Walsh-Rurak said. “That’s why our programs are hardly a cookie cutter. Our skill launch camps cover everything from removing the awkwardness from social interaction to learning how to stay organized and stay up a class or advance. The lessons are tailored to the needs of the students and adapted to the way they learn.”

Students have three options for enrolling in the FEG summer programs:

  • Fusion AcademyThe curriculum of meets or exceeds state standards and includes over 250 courses available at varying levels depending on your child’s academic goals and has 67 campuses in 18 states plus the District of Columbia for face-to-face or hybrid learning.
  • Fusion Global Academy is offering families traveling this summer tailored learning for middle and high school students through virtual one-on-one learning. Online summer school options are engaging and fun. Families can go on vacation and still learn.
  • Academy of the future offers California Families 15 locations where students can complete a course in as little as 5 weeks or as long as 10 weeks. More than 170 courses are available to master math, succeed in science, love foreign languages ​​and advance in history.

“We provide the strategies and tips parents need to keep teenagers engaged and the summer programs we’ve designed to support them,” said Walsh-Rurak.

Families can learn about summer planning strategies by visiting Fusion’s resources page here.

Walsh-Rurak is Vice President of the Fusion Education Group in the Northeast Region. She has more than 20 years of experience in educational management and holds a doctorate Northeast University.

above Fusion Education Group:

Fusion Education Group (FEG) is a revolutionary innovator in personalized education. The FEG provides accredited personalized education to over 5,000 middle and high school students at Fusion Academy with 67 campuses offering one-to-one tuition; Futures Academy, which offers one-on-one, small-group and online learning in 15 California locations; Barnstable Academy offering traditional college preparation in a small school New Jersey; and Fusion Global Academy, which offers personalized one-to-one education through a fully virtual campus currently serving students in 45 states and 18 countries. Further information on the national events of the FEG can be found here here. FEG has more than 80 locations in 18 states and the United States District of Columbia.

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