Indiana Black Expo’s Tanya Mckinzie to start private consulting firm

Indiana Black Expo President Tanya Mckinzie will step down at the end of the year, the organization announced Monday.

Mckinzie’s replacement has already been selected by the Indiana Black Expo Board of Directors and will be Alice Watson, who is currently the organization’s senior vice president.

Mckinzie has led the organization for 15 years. According to a press release from the organization, Watson will take over as president in January 2023.

“This experience was life changing,” Mckinzie said in the press release. “I hold steadfastly to the principle in Preacher that there is a season for everything. As IBE continues to encourage so many aspiring entrepreneurs to trust in the faith and use their gifts, talents and skills to create generational wealth for their families, I have made the decision to join the ranks of so many others and start my own consulting business . ”

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