Purdue offering new online Professional Selling Certificate and Virtual Selling Microcourse

WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana – Purdue University is offering two new online professional selling programs: a Professional Selling Certificate and a Virtual Selling Microcourse. Both programs are designed for sales professionals who want to develop more expertise in the sales cycle and gain hands-on experience by learning from industry experts.

That Professional Sales Certificate The program is an online version of Purdue’s popular Relationship Selling courses. Relationship selling teaches salespeople a relationship-based approach to selling that helps companies retain customers, build loyalty and increase word of mouth – a key source of new business.

“Sales is an essential part of any business entity,” said Anita Dale, general manager of Center for professional selling at Purdue. “Until something is sold, the company has no revenue from which to pay all other essential operating expenses – understanding the sales cycle can increase sales and expand business opportunities.”

To earn the full Professional Selling Certificate, learners must complete two full online courses. The first course is a self-paced, entry-level introduction to the sales cycle and covers topics such as relationship building, ethical selling and negotiating. The second is an advanced course for learners who have completed the entry-level course or have training in sales and gives them the opportunity to perfect their skills by working alongside other experienced sales professionals.

“While selling is a skill that can be continually refreshed and improved, a deep understanding of the basics of the sales process can improve your sales pitch regardless of time in a role,” said Dale. “These courses cover both fundamental and more advanced skills and are useful for both new sales professionals and experienced sales professionals.”

The skills learned in the sales professional courses are relevant to all areas of sales – from real estate to insurance to retail. Online course delivery gives learners the ability to study from anywhere and fit coursework into their schedule.

“Whether you’re looking to take a career leap or just want to improve your skills to make a greater contribution, the ability to work at your own pace and on your own schedule is a key benefit of this certificate program,” said Dale.

Both professional online selling courses are taught by faculty from the Purdue Sales and Sales Management program, which has been recognized by the Sales Education Foundation as one of the top sales education programs for the last four years. Learners can choose to take both courses and earn the full certificate, or they can enroll in a single course.

That Virtual sales micro course is another new online offering from the Purdues Center for Professional Selling, giving sales professionals the opportunity to expand their virtual selling expertise.

“The cool thing about sales is that there are always new tools and ideas that we can add to the toolkit,” said Scott Downey, coordinator of Purdue’s Sales and Marketing program. “Virtual selling is one of those tools. Even though almost all of us use the tool, we’re still finding fun new ways to use it.”

The online micro-course is a hands-on educational opportunity for sales professionals, sales leaders, business developers, and those involved in sales leadership. Learners will consider how best to integrate virtual selling into their sales approach through a series of self-paced, instructor-led training videos.

“Thinking strategically about when, where and how to integrate virtual technology into the sales process is something every salesperson needs to do to accelerate relationship building with customers and prospects,” Downey said.

The micro course is also ideal for professionals who want to build new virtual sales skills in less time than a traditional college course. The instructor-led training videos are just 6 hours and 45 minutes long and give students the opportunity to quickly add a new qualification to their resume.

Learners who complete the micro-course receive a digital badge to add to their social media pages and LinkedIn profiles to showcase their new skills to potential employers. In addition, the micro-course can be used as a prerequisite for the advanced course in the online certificate Professional Selling.

“There’s a lot of training for salespeople today,” Downey said. “The virtual sales course and certificate add a credential that differentiates learners from other salespeople. Perhaps most importantly, those who participate in these offerings can differentiate themselves from their customers and prospects by adopting some of the most up-to-date approaches to these issues.”

Learn more about Purdue online Professional Sales Certificate and the Virtual sales micro course on the program websites.

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Sources: Anita Dale, dale11@purdue.edu

scott downey, downeyws@purdue.edu

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