Sylvia Acevedo’s path from dirt roads to the stars

Sylvia Acevedo has been many things in her life – entrepreneur, CEO and literal rocket scientist.

Her journey on the dirt roads of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Acevedo said, and education was what helped her live the “life of my dreams.”

“I was really lucky growing up in the space age,” said Acevedo, who spoke at McMurry University’s third Garrison Entrepreneur Lectureship and Luncheon Monday.

She dreamed of working at NASA and was talented with data, numbers and math.

Following those dreams eventually led to her Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA, an experience she described as “awesome.”

She embarked on a successful career in technology, starting at Apple and then working with companies such as IBM, Dell and other technology leaders at their most senior levels.

She also chaired President Obama’s White House initiative for excellence in education for Hispanics in early childhood leadership, as well as the driving force behind the government’s bilingual education policy for early childhood education.

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