The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Forbes Under 30 Luca Rubino

The world has seen many people rise to the top because of sheer dedication and hard work, which has helped them conquer the skies and reach a position from which they can call the shots. Luca Rubino is one of a kind with such an impressive story of resilience and determination to scale the mountain of success. He built his thriving career well before 30, which is quite a task for many out there. Today he is the co-founder of a successful start-up called Kiri Technologies. He is the co-founder and CMO of one of the most promising sustainability tech startups, which is currently valued at $40 million. Additionally, his success has earned him recognition on a global platform as at the age of 27 he was included in the Forbes Italian list of 100 Under 30, Top 5 Italian Marketers and Top 100 Italian Future Leaders, proving the kind of success he made it today.

The road to success was not easy for him and he had to face the toughest challenges along the way. “There were many difficulties that blocked my path to a successful career, but that didn’t dampen my spirits and I overcame the most difficult situations to reach this point,” says Luca, whose position is really admirable at the moment that he achieves by staying focused and not stepping back for fear of failure. This young entrepreneur, in his 30s, managed to do what people take a lifetime to achieve, all thanks to his never-dying attitude and his positive attitude that have made him a true success of the present . The vast empire you see was not gifted but built from the ground up and that makes its history worth knowing.

He was born into a humble family in Palermo, southern Italy, in 1992 after going through a lot of childhood drama when his parents divorced, fighting for custody and he changed 7 houses in his 10 young life. He also lost his best friend in an accident at the age of 16, which severely affected his emotional well-being. His only pillar of strength, his grandmothers Livia and Concetta, who raised him, died while he was working abroad, which was another huge achievement. Anyone else would have broken down after such tough times in life, but Luca instead took that pain and channeled it into his passion for work to make his loved ones proud.

At the age of 13 he started working at a local mechanic’s shop and by 16 he was delivering pizzas to supplement his income and become financially independent. He was far away from his studies and was more drawn to sports. He started with his local football team and then moved to Milan to further his sporting career by playing in Italy’s first league game. At the same time, he continued his education by winning a scholarship to one of Britain’s top schools, the University of Stirling. He then moved to Scotland to pursue a BA of Arts while also playing football for the school’s team.

During his time in Stirling he realized that he was drawn to entrepreneurship and this encouraged him to start his first business through the company incubator scheme offered by the university. He founded Sweet Sicily, a food and wine import-export company, which did not find long-term success. There was no hope, however, because in 2016, after graduating, Luca won the Future Leaders, Student Entrepreneur, and Social Impact scholarship that allowed him to relocate to San Francisco to pursue a Masters of International Business at Hult, where he also holds his Graduated an opportunity to work with a startup that was in the 500 startups portfolio and that launched his fine career which helped him learn a lot about business and entrepreneurship. This stint laid a solid foundation that is the basis for his success today.

In 2020, Luca, along with two friends, Mauro Di Benedetto and Kai Schildhauer, founded Kiri Technologies, the first tech startup to incentivize sustainable behavior. Today, the company has underwritten a $40 million valuation and operates across multiple industries including oil and energy, aviation, food, automotive and transportation.

Today Luca lives in Dubai-UAE, a country which he believes sets an example to the rest of the world of safety, innovation and great living conditions given by a great leadership running the country.

To find out more about Luca, connect to his Instagram @rubikingdom.

Disclaimer: This is a company release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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