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From left: Wright State students Lyndsey Ramsaw, Yara Hakim, Jaylin Biggs, Jeemi Shah, Zavi Odetta, Dominic Wenrick and Sahar Kazmi (not pictured) were honored with Peer Mentor Awards by the Peer Mentorship Council.

Wright State University students were honored for the important help and support they provide to their classmates during the commencement ceremony Peer Mentorship Award on March 24th.

The Peer Mentorship Council recognized seven outstanding peer mentors as the best peer mentors for the 2021-2022 academic year. The students were recognized for their achievements and commitment to the growth of their peers.

The awarded students were:

  • Jaylin BiggsSenior Public Health Major: Women Student of Color Mentorship and Leadership Cohort
  • Yara HakimPhD Student, MS in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering: College of Engineering and Computer Science Student Ambassador Mentor
  • Sahar KazmiLife Sciences Major: First-year programs
  • Zavi OdettaActing Major: Acting and Musical Theater peer mentor
  • Lyndsey Ramsaw, graduate student, M.Ed. Intervention Specialist Program: Peer Success Program Peer Coach
  • Jeemi ShahMajor in Life Sciences: Study Coaching Peer Mentor
  • Dominik WenrickSenior Motion Pictures Major: LGBTQA Center Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentorship Council is made up of 12 representatives from the peer mentorship program who work together to foster a collaborative spirit, share resources and discuss peer mentoring best practices.

Ramsaw previously served as a peer mentor for first year seminars and is now a peer coach in the peer success program. She said she enjoys being a peer coach because she can have a positive impact on her students.

“I was thrilled to be a part of it after seeing the motivation and support this program provides to students,” said Ramsaw, who earned a bachelor’s degree in middle childhood education from Wright State.

Mentoring other students has been a rewarding experience for Ramsaw.

“I learned professionalism, I learned a lot about myself and how far I got in college,” she said, “I learned to set boundaries, I learned emotional intelligence, and finally I enjoyed to work with them students and give them my advice and guidance to succeed in college.”

peer mentoring programs Connect Wright State students with senior classmates for academic support and university navigation assistance. Peer coaches are trained in Wright State’s resources and help connect students with a success coach, counselor, or student advocate.

Peer success coaches and academic study coaches are available to all Wright State students regardless of their year. Special mentoring programs are also offered for theater students; First-year students in engineering, computer science, science and mathematics; LGBTQA+ students; and undergraduate students who identify as women of color.

Interacting with a peer mentor strengthens a student’s sense of belonging on campus by creating an integrated peer support system, said Catherine Amaris Hernandez Hogan, Success Coach on the Student Retention Team and chair of the Peer Mentorship Council.

“Through peer mentoring, students never have to go through the university experience alone,” she said. “A fellow student who has done this before and has been successful can go alongside and help a student navigate the sometimes difficult and stressful experiences of college life.”

Connecting students with peer mentors can also remove barriers and allow the university to provide early support to students who need it, Hogan said.

“The sooner the university knows about the challenge, the better we can step in to remove barriers that are preventing this student from succeeding,” she said.

By interacting with a peer mentor, students can see what it looks like for a student to exemplify excellence.

“It allows a student to see what success can look like for someone who looks like him,” Hogan said.

Students who would like to be supervised by a fellow student can find out more on the Website with resources for student success.

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