Ophthalmology Consultant – General Ophthalmology and Cataracts job with Medilink Consulting

Medilink Consulting is seeking an Ophthalmology Consultant in a Private Health Group in the Channel Islands.

The unit is based in one of the British Channel Islands with a population of less than 70,000. The successful consultant becomes part of a very close-knit team of extremely experienced ophthalmologists and eye nurses. The department has specialists in ophthalmology, junior ophthalmologists do not work in this department.

The position will be available from July 1st for 3 months with a possibility of extension.

As this position is private for all candidates GOT TO Have board certification in ophthalmology with the GMC.

The successful candidate will be paid weekly via Medilink, this position is classified outside of IR35 so it will be you paid gross into your GmbHreceive an hourly rate.

Below is a sample plan, not set in stone, but this is a brief description.

Monday morning: Station and theater session round Monday clock: Lasers and SPA

Tuesday AM: Ambulance and clinic standby rooms for emergencies Tuesday afternoon: ambulance

Overnight non-residents on call.

Wednesday morning: outpatient clinic Wednesday o’clock: SPA

Thursday morning: Ambulance Thursday afternoon: SPA

Friday morning: Retina Clinic

Weekend 1:4 Weekend on-call duty

On-call duty: The ophthalmology department has an on-call time of 1-4 and weekends are spread evenly where possible. If the on-call time falls on a bank holiday weekend, each consultant who works a day on-call is granted one day off. Please refer to the MSG Advisor Guidelines for more information.


The focus of this appointment is general ophthalmic services and the appointee should have experience of the most common ophthalmic procedures to assist the Bailiwick’s patients and have skills to complement the existing consultants.

The responsibilities of the position include working within a team of four ophthalmologists to provide a comprehensive, responsive and timely service to the people of Guernsey.

  • Use of Medisoft, the electronic patient file for ophthalmology.
  • Use of TRAK, the electronic patient record system implemented by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Providing an outpatient service for new, emergency and follow-up patients.
  • Outpatient monitoring of all ongoing chronic and recurrent eye diseases.
  • retinal clinic; One Stop Clinic for Evaluation and Treatment with Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Injections; Avastin was commissioned for United States contract patients. Private patients can pay Eyelea or Beovu.
  • The fluorescein angiography is performed on a Tuesday afternoon, when one of the specialists inserts the Venflon/Butterfly into the patient and injects the fluorescein dye. ILS annual certificate required.
  • Accept ophthalmic emergencies from optometrists, orthoptists, emergency rooms, general practitioners and general practitioners and, less often in the hospital, by referral from colleagues in other departments.
  • Three theater lists per week are shared between the 4 consultants on a rolling rotation. Emergencies must be arranged outside of opening hours.
  • Each consultant has a laser session with the laser machine at PEH every month.
  • There is a weekly Minor Ops session shared by the advisors in turn.
  • Performing a series of elective eye surgeries complementing current consultants (with the exception of vitreoretinal surgery which is currently being referred to Southampton)
  • Clinical support for the Mill House Eye Nurses, OR Staff, DPU and Ward Nurses adopting an integrated multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Providing a modern integrated multidisciplinary approach to ophthalmic services.
  • Arrange appropriate investigations and liaise with caregivers, parents, colleagues, other health professionals and tertiary centers as needed.
  • There is a local charity, the Guernsey Visual Support Association, which provides support and advice to patients with visual impairments as there is no dedicated Low Visual Aid clinic at the Outpatient Clinic.
  • Visual field tests are performed by Marianne Le Ray at PEH.
  • Participation in the audit, we donate annually to the NOD for cataract surgery via Medisoft
  • Incidents are reported via a special reporting system.
  • Line manager is the chair of the surgical directorate.
  • On-call duty with mutual deputy between consultants for leave is on a 1-to-4 rota

If you are interested in this position please email Lauren Mizzi, Head of Surgical Team and Specialist in Ophthalmology, lauren@Medilinkconsulting.co.uk or WhatsApp her on 07921595200.

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