Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Appoints New Members to Justice, Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion Council in Continued Pursuit to Create More Equitable Outcomes for All Young People

James-DeCruise is an award-winning learning and development expert and diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner with over 20 years of global experience in marketing, strategy, design and delivery of programs and experiences for clients, partners and industry professionals within the workforce. marketplace and community. As CEO of the Ad Council, a leading non-profit organization that uses the power of communication to drive social change, James-DeCruise oversees the organization’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion – and ultimately informs on every aspect of the Ad Council’s mission , workplace culture and publicly available communication.

Doggett brings a wealth of public policy knowledge and experience to the JEDI Council. Before becoming CEO of the National Corn Growers Association in 2018, Doggett served as the organization’s executive vice president from 2014-2018 and before that was vice president of public policy for over 12 years, where he led the organization Washington, D.C office and directed his public policy efforts.

“I am pleased to welcome Elise and Jon to the JEDI Council of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Their collective experience in the areas of public policy and diversity, equity and inclusion are welcome additions to the Council,” said the interim JEDI Council Chair Jan Brown. “I look forward to working with them to create more equitable outcomes for the workforce, community and young people of Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

BBBSA’s was founded in 2021 JEDI Council supports the organization’s longstanding commitment to empowering all youth. Comprised of leaders and experts from business and non-profit organizations, the group brings their expertise and compassion to the BBBSA to strategize, curate concepts and advise on JEDI issues affecting young people, staff, volunteers and communities across the country. Forming this cohort is part of BBBSA’s responsibility to create a non-discriminatory and anti-racist approach to dismantling all injustices in its policies, systems, programs and services so that all young people can experience a strong mentoring relationship in their lives.

“With youth empowerment at the core of everything we do, BBBSA strives to adapt our approach to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the young people we serve. The JEDI Council helps us ensure we continue to pursue our values ​​of upholding equity, equity, diversity and inclusion,” said Big Brothers of Big Sisters President of America and CEO Artist Stevens. “I am grateful to Elise and Jon for sharing their invaluable expertise with us and look forward to working with them as new members of the JEDI Council.”

“I am very excited to bring my expertise to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as a new member of the JEDI Council,” said the Ad Council’s Chief Equity Officer Elise James DeCruise. “The organization’s commitment to providing a fulfilling and equitable experience for bigs and littles is commendable. I look forward to working with the JEDI Council to help Big Brothers Big Sisters review and improve its policies and practices to best serve the communities they serve.”

“I am very excited to join the JEDI Council of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the National Corn Growers Association Jon Doggett. “The nonprofit organization has an excellent reputation and I look forward to sharing my public policy experience to help the organization be the most diverse, mission-driven youth empowerment organization in the country.”

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