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This issue of the Inside R&D TOE looks at the development of artificial muscles for microbots using novel techniques that can be used in various healthcare and military industry applications. The EVG covers innovations based on cryobioprinting of human tissue using additive manufacturing, which is crucial in clinical testing and organ transplantation. The other focus of the TOE is the use of precise mind-controlled prostheses for effective muscle motor function for people with amputations.

The EVG also provides insights into the use of highly efficient membranes for various chemical separations. The TOE also features the latest innovations in the use of industrial robots to increase production efficiencies, the development of simplified photonic quantum computers to improve efficiency, the use of advanced immunotherapies for cancer treatment, and the use of digital therapeutic solutions to reduce patient anxiety and pain during surgeries.

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Main topics covered:

1. Opportunities for growth in industrial robots, cryobioprinting, photonic quantum computing and digital therapeutics

  • Innovations in industrial robots, cryobioprinting and digital therapeutics

  • New technique to create high-performance microbots

  • MIT’s value proposition for manufacturing microbots

  • MIT Microbot – Investor Dashboard

  • Using 3D printing for cryobioprinting

  • Harvard’s value proposition for making microbots

  • Cryobioprinting – Harvard University Investor Dashboard

  • 3D printing based on spiral nanomagnets for the development of smart materials

  • University of Cambridge value proposition for the manufacture of spiral nanomagnets

  • Helical Nanomagnets – Investor Dashboard

  • Industrial robots that can read the minds of their colleagues

  • China Three Gorges University Value Proposition

  • China Three Gorges University investor dashboard

  • Ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthesis

  • Technique for providing individual finger control of prostheses using the nerves in a patient’s residual limb

  • High efficiency membrane for various chemical separations

  • Value proposition of membrane separation

  • Osmoses – Investor Dashboard

  • Sustainable carbon fiber and recycling technology for composites

  • In contrast, the malleable biogenic nanocomposite sensor efficiently tracks hand movements

  • Simplifying photonic quantum computing to improve efficiency

  • The Stanford University value proposition provides an atom for multiple tasks

  • Stanford University – Investor Dashboard

  • Further development of standard cancer immunotherapy

  • Value proposition of UCLA high volume production of immune cells

  • UCLA – Investor Dashboard

  • Inexpensive separation of rare earth elements

  • ORNL’s value proposition creates more efficient extractants

  • ORNL – Investor Dashboard

  • 3D printed shoes fight bird foot disease

  • The Nus value proposition offers a tailored cure for pododermatitis

  • Nus – Investor Dashboard

  • Digital therapeutic solution reduces patient anxiety

  • The Hypnovr value proposition offers customized stress management for patients

  • Hypnovr – Investor Dashboard

  • Improved pathological skin profiling

  • Genoskin’s value proposition increases analytical throughput

  • Genoskin – Investor Dashboard

2. Important contacts

companies mentioned

  • Chinese Three Gorges University

  • genokin

  • Harvard

  • Spiral nanomagnets

  • WITH

  • NUS

  • ORNL

  • osmosis

  • University at Stanford

  • UCLA

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