7 industries with growing demand for remote workers

It’s a common misconception that only IT-based or tech-related industries have remote work opportunities, which is far from true.

People with training and experience in fields such as finance, banking, medicine, arts, literature, media, business services, consulting, etc. can also explore the world of remote jobs, earn international wages and look beyond local industries to seek work.

Here’s a look at some key industry sectors with lots of opportunities and potential for remote work.

1. Customer Support

Whether product- or service-based, most businesses need a customer-facing team to resolve customer issues, troubleshoot technical issues, or educate their customer base on the ins and outs of using their products. As a result, online customer support jobs have steadily increased.

As long as you have decent soft skills and the ability to learn, you can land a job on any customer service team regardless of your location. Additionally, you may not even need a college education to get an entry-level helpdesk or technical support position.

All you need is an internet or Wi-Fi connection, a desktop or laptop, and decent headphones to get started. This is also a good starting point for getting started in any industry sector and learning more about how it works and general policies.

2. Banking and Finance

If you are good with numbers and balance sheets and you know about accounting then you can look for remote jobs like Financial Advisor, Finance Advisor, Remote Financial Services Supply Manager, Business Transfer Consultant, Investment Banking Analyst etc.

Most banking or finance jobs that do not require a physical presence can be done remotely. Video and conference calls are usually sufficient for work with presence time.

Improve your IT skills before applying for remote jobs to improve your chances of getting a well-paying job.

3. Health and Wellbeing

Fitness apps, live streaming and video calling have breathed new life into the health and wellness industry. People looking for these services can hire the best professionals around the world and use technology to bring them to their salons.

Whether you work as a wellness consultant, provide a motivational therapy session, or lead a Zumba dance class, you can teach your client base right from the comfort of your home office.

You can work remotely for one of the many websites that promote employee health and well-being, create a niche business website that offers custom service suites, or use social media like Instagram and YouTube to build a following win, and then start monetizing your popularity.

4. Pharmacology

If you have a degree in pharmacology and related fields, you can look for remote jobs like Clinical Pharmacology Associate, Principal Scientist, Manager of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicologist, etc. Working remotely, you will be responsible for compiling regulatory documents, planning and reporting, drug disease modeling, meta-analysis of clinical data, work on clinical trials, and so on.

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, Merck and all other leading pharmaceutical companies offer pharmacology-related remote jobs. You may also have remote positions in this field if you have previous research physician experience with major drug manufacturers.

These jobs tend to be intense and require dedicated hours and a work atmosphere. Learn how to create a productive remote work schedule to take your time.

5. Medical Science

Medical Writing and Medical Scribe are popular profiles associated with remote work in the medical industry. But these days there are a whole host of other positions that allow doctors and nurses in this profession to work remotely.

Concierge Medical Practice is an umbrella term offering various positions such as Consultant Doctor, Remote Nurse Psychotherapist and the like. Telephone triage, telemedicine, medical science liaison, medical education specialist, etc. are other positions you can look for if you want to use your medical education and experience to work from home.

While most remote medical jobs require formal training as a doctor or nurse, medical writing jobs do not have these requirements. Good technical writers or those with a biomedical background can also fill these positions.

6. Arts and Entertainment

Individuals with an arts education background and interest in entertainment and media may apply for remote jobs in advertising, copywriting, apparel design, editing, graphic design, sketching for regular as well as 3D models, animation, illustration, photo editing, video editing, screenwriting, social media marketing and more.

Some of the jobs in these remote work fields are based on talent and professionalism rather than schooling and experience. The entry hurdle for these jobs is low and you can earn decent money even as a beginner, as long as you have talent and can deliver on time.

If you are bilingual and have experience as a linguist, you can explore sites that offer remote work for translators, interpreters, voice actors, etc. The nature of work in these fields also lends itself well to freelance jobs.

Start remote work as a side hustle to see if you are suited to working independently before quitting your office job.

There is a lot of legwork involved in compiling case files, reviewing information, tracking case details, working on corporate contracts, negotiating with government agencies, filing paperwork, complying with rules and regulations, etc. All of this work requires legal expertise. However, most of this does not require a lawyer to be physically present in the office, leading to many remote work opportunities in the legal profession.

Remote Litigation Attorney, Corporate Associate Legal Counsel, Remote Contracts Attorney, Compliance Attorney, Conflicts Attorney, Remote Document Reviews Attorney, etc. are some legal positions that you can work for remotely.

Remote work is the future

The key to finding remote jobs in your field is to search for your profile along with the word “remote”. Even if you’re skeptical and think your skills and experience aren’t suited to remote work, give it a try and see where the search takes you.

As more industries adopt remote working, this form of work will become even more popular. If you’re still unsure, take an online class or two to improve your technical skills and improve your remote work prospects.

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