Bestselling author and leading direct mail marketer Barry Gabster discusses networking and professionalism in the modern world

Barry Gabster, CEO and Founder of InitiateU, the leading mail marketing advertising system for real estate agents, solar professionals, roofers and mortgage brokers, has grown his business tenfold from $800,000 to $8.5M in just one year. The most ridiculous, almost unbelievable thing about his success? He never ran a single ad, his business has grown exponentially through word of mouth alone.

“Direct mail gets more views of our ads and promotions,” Gabster said. “For years it was rumored that the demise of direct mail as an advertising channel was imminent. But 2019 was the biggest increase in average reaction speed since 2003. It’s not slowing down.”

In addition to traditional mailers, InitiateU employs a combination of social media and email marketing with content strategy workshops, strategy consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search tactics, web and graphic design, general sales support, landing page guidelines, and analytics and optimization.

“Our goal is to grow your business because when you succeed, we succeed,” Gabster said. “We use what works and discard what doesn’t. It’s that simple. If you’re not sure, I dare say word of mouth is the best indicator that what InitiateU is doing actually works.”

As someone who has been in the business for over 15 years, 2 of which have founded and operated InitiateU without running a single ad, we certainly trust his expertise. Come and meet the man behind the marketing, Barry Gabster.


Currently, Gabster has the Wall Street Journal bestselling author under his belt and has grown his business tenfold in 2021 alone.

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