Five local businesses you must visit downtown

CHILLICOTHE – Walking around downtown Chillicothe is more fun than ever. With the revitalization of the inner city area, it has become a hotspot for local businesses. Next time you stop by, be sure to check out some of these shops run by local people.

Wheatberry Books

Local bibliophiles don’t have to travel far for the latest book as this independent bookstore has them covered. Wheatberry Books was founded in 2017 by owner Chelsea Bruning. Owning a bookshop has always been a childhood dream for Bruning, who opened her shop when the opportunity arose when another bookshop in town was closing.

Although originally from Bainbridge, Bruning likes to run her business in downtown Chillicothe.

“I couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else,” says Brüning. “This is home.”

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