Maybank Securities (Thailand) is transforming to democratize investment opportunities

Partnered with global investment firm BNY Mellon Investment Management to develop world-class services

Maybank Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited or MST is a leading investment company owned by Maybank, the fourth largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets. MST aims to become the leading investment house for Thai people. This includes maintaining investment democratization strategies, transforming the company into a modern organization, and by developing new generation management and leveraging expertise in digital wealth services, we want clients to have access to their investments anytime, anywhere enable.

Maybank Securities (Thailand) today announces its partnership with BNY Mellon Investment Management (BNY Mellon IM), one of the world’s largest investment managers with $2.3 trillion in assets under management, offering its clients unprecedented opportunities to invest in the global navigating the investment landscape.

Mr. Arapat Sangkharat, Chief Executive Officer of MST, stated, “Maybank Securities (Thailand) has been the leading financial broker in Thailand for 30 years and continues to grow. The company is trusted from generation to generation. At the recent Alpha Southeast Asia Best Financial Institutions Awards, MST was recognized as Thailand’s Best Retail Broker for the 12th time in fifteen years. Maybank Investment Banking Group has been voted Best Broker in Southeast Asia for the ninth consecutive year. However, today’s world is changing and the needs of customers are changing as well. Companies have had to fully adapt to this digital age, as has Maybank Securities (Thailand). We continue to adapt to these changes and leverage the latest technology to improve our business.”

The aim is to create business opportunities through change and development with:

1) A new brand: We rebranded and changed the company name to Maybank (Thailand) at the end of last year and are gradually introducing a new fresh and vibrant image that focuses on a positive attitude and professionalism.

2) A new team and culture: We have many new generation people joining the team. We have adapted to agile working and an open work environment to enable more efficient operations while continuing to focus on the highest level of professionalism.

3) New Investment Solutions: We offer new products and services to meet the needs of local and foreign private and institutional investors and we aim to create sustainable wealth for our clients.

“In addition, we have developed the Maybank Invest (MBI) application, a new tool that will allow clients to complete investments in various financial products in a single application. The service includes stocks, funds, bonds and more, both domestically and internationally. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also applied to client data to enable investors to properly target their portfolios and select investment products that most efficiently meet their needs. Maybank Invest offers a wide range of investment features to meet all client needs. The Maybank Invest app is scheduled to be officially launched by the third quarter of this year.”

“Moreover, Maybank Securities (Thailand) prioritizes sustainable business development by focusing on three key aspects. This includes investing with a focus on providing investors and the general public with accurate and safe investment knowledge, including information on entrepreneurs who strictly adhere to the principles of good corporate governance, and creating a livable society through active collaboration with clients and communities to promote and to finance sustainable businesses and to raise awareness for environmental protection, with a commitment to reduce our own carbon footprint and to achieve a neutral position for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030.”

“Partnering with BNY Mellon IM will leverage their model portfolio services to enhance asset management and investment planning services and offer world-class expertise to our clients. Under the terms of the partnership, BNY Mellon IM Maybank Securities Thailand will offer five portfolios with different levels of risk and another five with different volatility targets. BNY Mellon IM will support Maybank Securities Thailand in the construction and ongoing maintenance of the model portfolios, including asset allocation, risk management and manager selection. With this result and the support of BNY Mellon IM, Maybank Securities Thailand will use its discretion to select and amend the appropriate portfolios for its eligible clients in the Thai market as its system identifies appropriate risk profiles and volatility targets.”

“By leveraging the strength of our global franchise, BNY Mellon Investment Management looks forward to offering Maybank Securities Thailand our tailored investment solutions and assisting them with the model portfolios made available to their clients in Thailand,” commented BNY Mellon Investment Management Mr. Doni Shamsuddin, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at BNY Mellon Investment Managementt.

“This partnership with BNY Mellon Investment Management is an important milestone that strengthens the investment advisory and wealth management capabilities of Maybank Securities (Thailand),” concludes Mr. Arapat. “It allows us to offer more insightful information and increase the value of the product offerings for existing and new customers. It will help the company further develop its wealth management and investment business and advance the vision of becoming the number one investment advisor in the hearts and minds of the Thai people.”

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