Will the startup revival last?

Written by Technically Media CEO Chris Wink, Technical.ly’s Culture Builder newsletter provides tips for building high-performing teams and dynamic workplaces. Below is the latest issue we have published. Sign up to get the next one. That’s how it is in Washington DC illegal Use more than 25% of the square feet of your home for … Read more

5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started With No Experience But Made Sure They Got It

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Some entrepreneurs only become successful after they’ve been successful in another career: perhaps they’ve mastered work as a consultant or manager and used the skills they learned to build their own business. Marceau | Underwood Archives | Getty Images Also see: 8 Great Entrepreneurial Success Stories Or … Read more

How Generation Z Is Altering the Face of Entrepreneurship for Good

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. For a long time, my generation, the millennials, were touted as the generation of entrepreneurs. For the most part we stuck to the reckoning. However, as the world evolves, so does the art of business, and it turns out Gen Z are more involved in this evolution … Read more

Examples of Social Media Business Ideas

You are reading Entrepreneur South Africa, an international franchise by Entrepreneur Media. Social media enables companies to directly reach and engage with their customers and target markets. If you have the right skills, you can start a successful social media business. big stick Before starting your new business, you need to see what is happening … Read more

Stop Focusing on Work-Life Balance If You Want to Be Successful

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. A quick Google search for important aspects of the workplace will lead many experts to emphasize the importance of a work-life balance. Most of us have heard that maintaining a work-life balance has myriad health and productivity-related benefits: reducing stress, preventing burnout, and more. Sure if you … Read more

Inspired by the social justice movement, Black entrepreneurship rises

Sisters-in-law Ashley Billings and Zoe Baker both knew they could be strong business partners. After speaking all summer last year, Baker took their discussions to another level in an email. “The e-mail was the formation of our company and the application for our business license,” recalls Billings. “That was the moment I was like, ‘We’re … Read more

Examples of Online Business Ideas

You are reading Entrepreneur South Africa, an international franchise by Entrepreneur Media. Advances in technology have enabled entrepreneurs to create businesses that operate entirely in a digital environment, resulting in reduced overhead and the freedom to run a business on the go. Before you start your business, learn some strategies from these online business examples: … Read more

5 Types of Technology All Entrepreneurs Need Access to in the Digital Age

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. To say that we live in a “digital age” might seem a bit cliche, but there’s no denying that the internet and social media have revolutionized the way we interact. Survey data from the Pew Research Center shows that 81 percent of Americans use the Internet every … Read more

7 Ways To Maximise The ROI On Your Time

Anything is possible at the beginning of your business trip. You meet a lot of people, follow and build your network. They go for coffee, brainstorm, and attend several networking events each week. It’s not sustainable, but it’s essential. In the beginning you have to be everywhere. Conscious networking dr Emil Hodzovic However, many entrepreneurs … Read more

Female entrepreneurship breaks down barriers around work-life balance

On the one hand, digital entrepreneurship has been the main driver of value creation in business over the past few decades – it helps spread scientific advances encourage technological innovation, revitalizing the fabric of enterprises and promoting employment. In addition, it is responsible for 40% to 70% of a country’s economic growth, says the Organization … Read more