Chief Clinical Officer: “We must all be committed to quality care”

The new top physician at Atlantic Health System regards mentoring as one of her favorite jobs. Every member of a healthcare system has a responsibility to promote quality care, says Atlantic Health System’s new chief clinical officer. Suja Mathew, MD, was recently hired as executive vice president and chief clinical officer for the Morristown, NJ … Read more

These are the top 5 skills to learn in 2022, says Futurist — and where to find free online courses

While 2022 may throw up a few curveballs, the start of the new year is always a perfect time to focus on career growth. According to the Labor Department, the economy is recovering and some industries have recouped job losses from the early days of the pandemic. As a futurist and business strategist who’s trained … Read more

Stop Focusing on Work-Life Balance If You Want to Be Successful

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. A quick Google search for important aspects of the workplace will lead many experts to emphasize the importance of a work-life balance. Most of us have heard that maintaining a work-life balance has myriad health and productivity-related benefits: reducing stress, preventing burnout, and more. Sure if you … Read more

How to Control Your Brain for Optimal Functioning

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. As we prepare for major events in our careers, we tend to focus on preparation. When we have a big presentation to give, we practice until we feel comfortable. When we have an interview for a new job, we research the company and its key players to … Read more

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Are Incomplete Without This Essential Dimension

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Even when it comes to sole proprietorships, entrepreneurship is rarely a solo effort. Ask any successful business owner how he or she got started or what contributed to his or her growth, and he or she will likely cite the input and support of others. That was … Read more

6 Steps to Offering Tough Feedback, and Why It’s a Crucial Skill for Every Leader

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon, and I’m listening to my coaching client talk about a repeated altercation she experienced with her colleague. Let’s call this individual Dan. It was another week of Dan criticizing her projects and team members during the staff meeting. She doesn’t think … Read more

9 Best Practices to Improve Your Communication Skills and Become a More Effective Leader

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Ineffective communication can affect productivity, organizational culture, individual and collective leadership, and cause people to work harder, not smarter. David Grossman reported in The Cost of Poor Communication that a survey of 400 companies each with 100,000 employees reported an average loss per company of $62.4 million … Read more

20 Signs of Leadership Excellence

opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. There are more than twenty different leadership styles, depending on the books or articles you read. An autocratic leader, for example, is generally a one-sided decision-maker, while a democratic one encourages input before making decisions. A delegative style, meanwhile, assigns responsibility and decision-making to other managers. But … Read more

How to Find a Tech Co-Founder in 5 Steps

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. In society, there are very few people inclined to entrepreneurship and risk: only 0.33% of people become entrepreneurs every year. And there are even fewer of these risk-takers among developers. Normally, a person inclined towards entrepreneurship will not spend their life in IT, and when he or … Read more

Are You a Rational or Emotional Communicator? Find Out Why It Matters

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. “The person having a conversation isn’t the one talking, it’s the person asking all the questions.” I was recently reminded of this saying that is full of wisdom. It’s true. We quickly direct a conversation about what we feel we need to say, rather than actively listening … Read more