How Generation Z Is Altering the Face of Entrepreneurship for Good

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. For a long time, my generation, the millennials, were touted as the generation of entrepreneurs. For the most part we stuck to the reckoning. However, as the world evolves, so does the art of business, and it turns out Gen Z are more involved in this evolution … Read more

An Ant Colony Is the Perfect Metaphor for the Economy. Here’s What Else You Need to Know.

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Ants are fascinating creatures. Far more than a simple picnic pest or an inspirational hero moving a rubber plant, ants are complex creatures that demonstrate the value of teamwork, networking, and collaboration. Scientists are only now beginning to understand how complex an ant colony really is and … Read more

Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends for 2022

opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. Augmented reality is clearly becoming more and more popular. From just over 500 million mobile augmented reality users worldwide in 2020 to 810 million last year (according to Statista), we’ve seen massive and sustained adoption of this cutting-edge technology. By 2022, an estimated 1.1 billion people will … Read more

‘It’s a High Price and Your Shareholders Will Love It’

What started out as friendly banter that seemed to morph into a lucrative and cohesive partnership between Elon Musk and Twitter has now turned into a hostile power struggle that has just taken another costly turn. JIM WATSON | Getty Images Earlier this month, the Tesla CEO bought around 9.2% of Twitter’s total stock, making … Read more

Tom Brady Appoints Lowe’s Executive as the New CEO of His Wellness Company TB12

Tom Brady and TB12 co-founder Alex Guerrero. Photo credit: Kevin Mazur | Getty Images Tom Brady’s Wellness Company TB12 has a new executive – and while his background has little to do with health or sports, his appointment speaks to the company’s broader ambitions. Grant Shriver was appointed CEO of the company. Previously, he was … Read more

The Pandemic Transitioned the Legal Industry Into the Digital Age

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. “We all must obey the great law of change. It is the mightiest law of nature.” – Edmund Burke, British statesman and political philosopher. A lot has changed in the retail world since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The legal industry, a notorious pillar, made a … Read more